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Okay, I know he's a buddist. So, what does he think of the reference to God? This whole show is about believing in God which I figure he doesn't.... So, why did he introduce the show?

-- Colleen (, May 17, 1998


That's a great question. I think he cares for China very much so he overlook the religion part. But personally, being a devoted Christian, I was glad to see God play an important role in this. I Do believe that God can change things and heal your soul and I think everyone should too. I will be adding a section to this page soon which concerns religion. There will be NONFICTION stories people sent me about their experiences on this topic. I'm still taking submissions so get your pen and paper out!

-- Rose (, May 17, 1998.

I don't care! As long as he believes in what he's doing is good enough for me!

-- Jenny (, May 19, 1998.

One of the main Buddhist beliefs is tolerance of all religions/beliefs. Opening a Christian show would pose no problem at all for a practicing Buddhist, recognizing that we are all on this Earth, together, and must try to live peacably with one another. I quote the Dali Lama; "The common factor among all religions is that, whatever the philosophical differences between them, they are primarily concerned with helping their followers become better human beings. Consequently, all religions encourage the practice of kindness, generosity, and concern for others." As a Buddhist, then, Richard has learned to be tolerant of and respect Christianity, even though he does not not choose that Path for himself. He is, basically, asking every Being, regardless of religion/belief to help their fellow humans in need.

-- Annette Mercer (, May 19, 1998.

Richard and God....well, seeing actions of an individual i believe will give people a clue about their heart is it in the right place or not? I have been researching Richard's interviews which dont come easy...and any informative articles...personally, i think Ricahrd seeks to become more "Godlike" which is definitive in the aspects of the simple precepts in any root of any, forgiveness, honesty, learning to love unconditionally as Buddha, Christ and many other prophets taught mankind...We are all seeking to rest within the light and love of God's heart. And as he spoke on the Oprah Winfrey show I want to become less....meaning less ego..less to become as Christ was walking, teaching, living, and breathing and being with the Father in Heaven...the creator of all things..just as this moment you are now in the center of Gods creation reading this! and as Christ said "be still and know that i am God " blessings Zimrah

-- Zimrah (, October 14, 1998.

Hi.To be honest with you I dont really think a person can become God like(he may look like a God,btu he could never become a God). I thought he used his buddist beliefs to gaine silence in this crazy world and not to stop focusing on things that make him happy!!!

-- rain (, December 06, 2000.

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