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5/16 #1 DEEP IMPACT 10,305,000 Total: 64,898,000
5/16 #2 THE HORSE WHISPERER 5,615,000
5/16 #3 THE QUEST FOR CAMELOT 2,605,000
5/16 #4 CITY OF ANGELS 1,370,000
5/16 #5 HE GOT GAME 1,050,000
5/16 #6 TITANIC 1,015,000 (on 1,990 screens) Total: 572,147,000

-- Dan Draghici (, May 17, 1998


Response to Saturday (5/16) BO - "Titanic" 6th

This was a very slow weekend at the movies,Disney has got to be dissapointed in The Horse Whisperers opening numbers, considering all the rave reviews it got,as I predicted Deep Impact is crashing rather quickly. Godzilla will most likely open big then crash also. MTV seems to be promoting this thing like crazy,which means some lousy songs from artists who probably wont be around next week. I hope theater owners don't give up all of their screens for Godzilla, I trend going to discount movie theaters to see Titanic. By the way lately I have been seeing quite a few senior citizens attending viewings of Titanic,some jerk in Entertainment Weekly said that mainly 14 year olds were going over and over again!

-- michael pitt (, May 17, 1998.

Estimate BO at the end of the weekend: TITANIC $572,800,000. That means around $650,000 estimate for Sunday and $2.2 million for this weekend.

-- Dan Draghici (, May 17, 1998.

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