Has anybody seen the plans for a good steam weeder?

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I want to build a steam weeder that can do the job that round up does in keeping fences clean and keeping kikuyu away from young trees. Does such a thing exist and is it practical. David Roby

-- David Roby (robyalst@nrg.com.au), May 14, 1998


Steam weeder

David we recently viewed a demonstration of a steam weeder prototype being developed by Boral Energy. It is called the Atarus' Stinger'. It is still an experimental model at this stage. It was demonstrated in an orchard and has application for fence lines and channels. At present a model is available for long-term lease only, but apparently may soon be available for casual hire in selected areas. Contact: Rita Merienne, Boral Energy ph 02 62392659. Email: Rita. Merienne@boral.com.au. Hope this helps. Robyn

-- Robyn Neeson (robyn.neeson@agric.nsw.gov.au), November 17, 1998.

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