When I download.. your zipped shop cart.. the cgi is all messed

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This may seem stupid.. but when I dl your script, (zipped) format, the cgi looks as if I dl it in binary. ack. Now, maybe Im all messed up, but if its zipped it shouldnt do that. So maybe its all messed "before" it was zipped. I can view the files individually on the dl page.. but again.. right clicking.. saving as.. again.. binary.. and wala, the cgi is all messed. Umm.. got a asci dl site? :) If you have an ftp server.. ahh.. that would be great. Can anyone help me with this?

-- James Hart (stormer@stormer.com), May 14, 1998


Try opening it in another word processor. Worpad or MSWord works fine.

-- george (fred@flinstone.wilma), May 15, 1998.

Instead of downloading the zipped files or even the individual ones, go to the page and copy &paste the to a text file. That seems to work.

-- William R. James (wrjames@usa.net), October 01, 1999.

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