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Naked Gun meets Titanic.

Thats the premise of a spoof script bought by New Line Cinema that makes fun of Jim Camerons Oscar-bedecked mega-blockbuster.

Gigantic, purchased for low-six against mid-six figures, was authored by brothers Mike and Chris Bender in their first joint-writing effort.

Its the story of a ship that rivaled the great Titanic but, because it was two-and-a-half inches shorter, received no publicity on its equally tragic maiden voyage. Soon after cutting off the Titanic and sending it on its infamous collision course with an iceberg, the hapless Gigantic sank, too, after striking a coral reef.

Chris and Mike have developed a very funny, seaworthy spoof that will appeal to fans of this gigantic film phenomenon, said Michael De Luca, president and COO of New Line Prods. We look forward to moving this project full steam ahead.

Mike Bender is a 22-year-old employee of the marketing department at Fine Line Features; his brother, 27, is a former New Line distribution assistant who represents screenwriters at Zide Management. Warren Zide, also a former New Line employee, will produce the film with Craig Perry, who used to be a mail room assistant at New Line. Chris Bender will serve as executive producer.

The Titanic is ripe for spoofing, said a New Line source who asked not to be named. Given the phenomenal success of Titanic overseas, the international distributors will be very enthused over the prospects of this kind of comedy going into their markets.

Last week, New Line bought a screenplay called Slapping Scarlett, inspired by Gone With the Wind and set in a high school.

This is a company thats developing romantic comedies based on two of the most successful motion pictures ever, the New Line source said.

-- Dan Draghici (, May 13, 1998



-- Thomas M. Terashima (, May 14, 1998.

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