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I've have 2 database that have been flagged "Suspect" and I can not turn them off. I've ran this statement... use master go sp_configure"allow updates",1 reconfigure with override go update sysdatabases set status = status - 256 where dbname = "my database name" and status & 256 = 256 go sp_configure "allow update", 0 reconfigure go I've restarted and still they are "suspect" What else can I do?

-- Anonymous, May 13, 1998


Re: Suspect flags

Check the SQL errorlog(s) to see why they are marked as suspect. Possible recovery after that is documented in the books-online.

The dbcc checktable(sysindexes) needs to be run in the databases where the errors are.

You could also try running sp_fixindex, or dbcc dbrepair with the repairindex option, but you'd have to have access to the dbs first.

You might just be better off loading them in from backup.

Sorry I can't be more help.


-- Anonymous, May 14, 1998

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