Justice Department and Y2K

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From: Declan McCullagh declan@pathfinder.com
Date: 5/12/1998

time.com on Justice Department and Y2K:


Choice Cuts Both Ways

When Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder showed up at the White House this morning, he expected to talk a lot about international cooperation to fight crime (including, by the way, computer crime and the Internet). But reporters also wanted to know if the Justice Department's computers were free of the Year 2000 problem. Replied Holder: "I can say that the Justice Department is on track with regard to that effort, and it is something that is constantly monitored." How about Microsoft? Are the DOJ's antitrust enforcers planning to move against the software giant this week to block the distribution of Windows 98? "We are pretty close to making a decision," Holder said. He argued that "the Justice Department's enforcement efforts with regard to Microsoft have all been designed to give the American people choice when it comes to the computer products that they would select." Except, of course, if your choice is to upgrade to Windows 98 and you're prevented from doing so by the feds. --By Declan McCullagh/Washington

-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), May 12, 1998

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