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How much did it cost to make Titanic? Please Hurry!!!!


-- Carol Laws (, May 12, 1998


Response to Cost to Titanic

About 280 million, that was the most used figure.

-- Dan Draghici (, May 12, 1998.

It occurs to me that the final cost is not yet accounted for; the semi-mythical theatrical release of the 3:45 version (sometime in the autumn of 1998?) would require some additional SFX, and possibly some more scoring. A 70mm print would be nice, as well.

Also, the accountants aren't through yet in finding hidden costs (in a desperate attempt to avoid taxes on profit).

The final figure would be (IMHO) around $199 million, plus the cost of constructing Fox Studios Baja, plus interest, plus a lump-sum bonus to James Cameron, plus residuals, plus 'consideration'.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, May 12, 1998.

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