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Just out of curiousity, how did the Southampton single release go with the movie dialogue in it? I'm in Australia and it was never released here, so I'm wondering how it did overseas.

-- Emma (, May 11, 1998


I think it went over okay here in the states. I heard it on the radio several times and saw a vidieo for it once. I heard it was put out as a single and sold on tapes but I never saw those in stores around my house. It did well but no where as near as well as My Heart Will Go On.

-- Miranda Swearingen (, May 11, 1998.

I heard the "Southampton" cut with dialogue added and thought it was horrible! The music is great, and certainly evocative enough without the cheesy dialogue added. Why not just let it stand on its own as a single? I don't believe there was a video without the dialogue. Sometimes music producers just don't give the public enough credit.

-- Dalton (, May 12, 1998.

Thanks for letting me know, especially you Dalton :-) I knew you'd have something to say about the "cheesy" dialogue. I still wish they'd released it here though.

-- Emma (, May 12, 1998.

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