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5/8 #1 DEEP IMPACT 3,198,000
5/8 #2 CITY OF ANGELS 1,415,000
5/8 #3 HE GOT GAME 1,110,000
5/8 #4 LES MISERABLES 815,000
5/8 #5 THE BIG HIT 780,000
5/8 #6 WOO 734,000
5/8 #7 TITANIC 731,000 Total: 567,372,000

-- Dan Draghici (, May 09, 1998


Response to Friday (5/8) B.O. - "Titanic" 7th (with 2 new movies)

Take note most of last weeks films fell by 30-65% from last Friday.Movie lovers please save your money and stay away from Deep Impact it is the most boring crap that I have seen this year. Tea Leoni is so out of it in this film, that when the tidal wave kills her I was pleased. Save your movie money for Titanic it needs all of our help to reach the 600 million domestic boxoffice gross. Titanic did lose about 400 theaters from last week. It is now playing in 2265 theaters in North America.

-- michael pitt (, May 09, 1998.

Thanks for the spoiler, Michael. But I think I'll see it anyway."Titanic" seems to be holding a core of "Titaniac" support that will not easily die, despite strong competitors. The movie may stay around for the whole summer in some theaters (eventually the second-run theaters). This, unfortunately, will only postpone the video release. I want to see that "director's cut"!

-- Dan Dalton (, May 09, 1998.

Just got back from the theater. Sorry I didn't take your advice, Michael. "Deep Impact" is as shallow as they come. See "Titanic" for the 50th time rather than this stultifyingly boring movie.

-- Dan Dalton (, May 10, 1998.

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