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As a boy in the early 1940's, I saw and rode SAL's passenger locals #25 and 26 between Hamlet and Charleston. It was referred to by employees and natives as the"Boll Weevil." Can anyone tell me what that unusual engine was, and are there photos of it anywhere?

-- Jim Roquemore (, May 09, 1998


Since I have not seen a reference to it in this thread I would like to call to anyone's attention Louis Rubin's book "The Boll Weevil and Others" published by the University of South Carolina (Columbia) Press in 2000. I think many of you would find it interesting reading.

-- Capers Bull (, May 13, 2003.

Dear Jim, As a 'Seabard Young'un til 1944, can say Boll Weevil was our pass privilege connection to the City of Charleston with occasional rides to either end, Sav or Hamlet. They were Brill motors pulling trailers that were mfd in the 20s. Info is prolific in various pubs, one being Kielty's "Doodlebug Country." At Dale and Meggetts, I was designated to the tracks to watch for the light of 25 on the horizon and report same to Savannah. This was evening hours, of course, with 25 running late; not an unusual occurrence. Sometimes I would be aboard out of Charleston with steam up front. We knew that coal smoke would be in our nostrils all the way home to DA or ME. Not a bad experience. 73, Don C.

-- lClarence Donnelly Copeland (, May 13, 2003.

Where did the did stop in Charleston? Was this as far south as it ventured? Did it cross the Ashley River? Why is the sky blue?

-- David Wiggs (, December 04, 1998.

Just happened to have a conductor working with me from Mullins, SC who used to ride the Bol Weevil. When he rode it in the late 1950s, it always ran with an E unit and two cars. He used to send mail on it in the afternoons, so I assume it had an RPO/baggage car and a coach. I became interested enough that I want to write a piece about it and the ACL train from Wilmington to Augusta he also rode from Mullins to Denmark and returned the same night.

-- Doug Riddell (, June 10, 1998.

I'll have to check but I believe at one time they used doodlebugs with coaches as trailers. I have to check an article I have at home that describes a trip on the Seaboard in 1951 or 52. Send me your address (snail mail) and I'll send you a copy. John

-- John Edwards (, May 14, 1998.

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