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I've had problems with the recalculating button erasing the whole cart. For example when i change the QTY of a good, then press the recalculate button, the cart is reshown (command=review) with no content. This only occurs sometimes, and on specific computers. I've modified Barry's script a little in that i use REMOTE_ADDR to track the user instead of REMOTE_HOST (due to the response on this newsgroup in regards to SSL). However in the email order, i've gotten the users REMOTE_ADDR( by default), and their REMOTE_HOST so that i can see where they are coming from. Note that in both those instances where i "lost the cart when re-calculating) REMOTE_ADDR = REMOTE_HOST on the order emails.....that must have something to do with it righ?

thanks a million!

-- Jack (, May 06, 1998


I had that problem!

check to see that your paths are correct.

-- Abir Mustafa (, April 20, 1999.

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