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I need to know how ot get these characters! Someone e-mail me and tell me how to get: Tarakotchi- (Gen. 1) Takotchi- (Gen. 2) Kutchipatchi- (Gen. 1) Hashizomotchi- (Gen. 2) Sorry about the questions but I'm so sick of seeing Mimichi and Mamechi!

-- Lindsay (, May 04, 1998


sometimes you have to treat them a specific way, like give them lots of dicipline, many tamagotchi websites have growth charts, and you can find out there.

-- sam* (, July 25, 1998.

To get Kutchipatchi, you must only take care of it when it beeps at you. i think this is right but don't blame me if you nyourotchi (kusatchi).

-- (, November 03, 2001.

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