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To whom does public art belong?

-- Suzanna Tabor (Suz.Tabor@btinternet.com), May 03, 1998


Dear Suzanna:

In answer to your question one needs more information. In the case of a public art program financed through the legislation of public monies for art the answer would be to the public who paid the taxes to purchase the art. That is not to say the public / government agency has sole ownership. The artist also owns copyright and should be consulted before any action is taken to reproduce the work or alter it in any way.

-- Jim Glenn (jglenn@dced.state.ut.us), May 06, 1998.

My angle is that no one owns art of any kind. Once brought into being it just is. To talk of ownership is another form of activity - not art but politics maybe, or economics. The art owns itself and must have its own relationships in the world, I support my notion with the thought that it would be awfully difficult to prove that the inspiration was wholly unsupported by the collective unconscious.

-- laura carey (Robert.rocknroll@mail.cybase.co.uk), April 15, 1999.

my bollocks own public art

-- d m (hiya@mem500.biz), June 03, 2002.

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