Titanic to be re-released with extra footage?

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Heres a rumor I read about on Aint It Cool News website. Titanic will be pulled from theaters in late May or June and then re-released in the fall with 45 minutes of extra footage. I think this is a Great idea and could add 100 million to the boxoffice.

-- michael pitt (xrrg10b@prodigy.com), May 01, 1998


I JUST SAW JANET CHARLETON ON THE E GOSSIP SHOW AND SHE BASICALLY REPORTED THE SAME INFORMATION. What is up with G.Paltrow she has been dissing Titanic right and left. Could it be that she was turned down to play Rose in the film? Or is she just a nasty B----? She has had one flop after another recently,how dare she be so rude.

I just saw Janet Charleton on the E channel Gossip show ,who just confirmed this info. Whats up with Gwenth Paltrow? she has been dissing Titanic right and left. I know she was turned down for the role of Rose, could it be sour grapes? God knows she has had one flop after another, and in a year or so she may end up on The Love Boat.


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