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1) What was written on the side of the helicopter old Rose and Lizzy ride in?

2) There were 2 ROV's, Snoop Dog and Dunkin. What was the name of Dunkin's operator?

3) What does Antoly (Mir 1's pilot) say to Brock on the deck of the Keldysh?

4) What is the first number of the safe's combination?

5) What does the sign at the stern of the ship say?

6) What time does Rose return to the Titanic?

7) The day cal orders lunch for Rose and him, what does Ruth eat?

8) Where does Bobby Buell suggest the Heart fo the Ocean is?

9) Which one of Walt Disney's relatives was approached about funding the expidition?

10) Who speaks the last dialogue in the movie and what is it?

11) The expedition that discovered the wreck left 2 plaques at the wrecksite. What did one or both of them say?


-- stacey (, May 01, 1998


Response to there are a ton of them


2) ?

3) "No Diamonds.."

4) 7

5) "Warning: This ship has triple screws"

6) 2:20 am

7) Sausage

8) Jimmy Hoffa's briefcase

9) Ed Asner? hehe

10) Bill Paxton (Brock Lovett) "I've thought of nothing but Titanic, but I never got it..I never let it in..."

11) Rest in Peace


-- Jodi (, May 01, 1998.

Response to there are a ton of them

okay, I know that I got some of those right for sure...but some I don't think if I anwered some wrong, please don't laugh!!

Thanks!! =)

-- Jodi (, May 01, 1998.

Response to there are a ton of them

Ummm...these look REALLY familiar...they're from my webpage. For the rest of the questions, go to


-- Melvira (, May 01, 1998.

Response to there are a ton of them

These questions came from MELVIRA'S website...the URL is

At least give credit where credit is due! (But I'm sure that she appreciates the publicity for her fantastic site!)

-- Lisa Amend (, May 01, 1998.

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