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Hey, I was wandering if Kate Winslet can sing good ? You could kind of hear her in Titanic when she was singing in church.

-- Kristen Elise Billingsley (, April 27, 1998


I think she can sing well. She has a solo in "Heavenly Creatures", and she also sings in "Jude" and "Sense and Sensibility". I believe she sings in "Hamlet", but I am not sure since I haven't seen it yet. I think she has the potential to be a singer, but that's just my opinion.

-- Jennifer (, April 27, 1998.

She was also singing the "Come Josephine" song at the end of the movie.

-- Dan Draghici (, April 27, 1998.

I'm sure that Kate Winslet can sing. I have heard her in Hamlet, Heavenly Creatures, Sense and Sensebility and I just can say that this was really good.

-- Petra Fidler (, May 16, 1998.

Kate Winslet can sing, and she has a true voice, if not a large voice. She seems to have a good sense of pitch and a nice vocal quality. She doesn't have a great sense of phrasing or technique, which is why I don't think she's studied--that's stuff you learn when you study. But it's a pretty instrument.


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (, May 18, 1998.

Who gives a darn if she has studied music or not. The small teases of singing she has done in her movies are very enchanting. She has the kind of voice that will make you melt!

-- Jackie Goad (, August 19, 1998.

I don't know if she can sing. I wonder if she gets the part of Christine in "The Phantom of the Opera" (supposedly opposite Antonio Banderas) if she will have to sing?

-- WEP (, August 25, 1998.


-- Dalton (, August 26, 1998.

To the person who said that it didn't matter if she studied or not, I think that the person who said that was just commenting about Kate not having formal lessons. I don't think she was trying to criticize Kate in any way. Now, since I am working my Master's degree in music (percussion) and my roommate is working on his Master's degree in VOCAL music we both agree even though Kate has a very pretty voice, she has the potential to be a outstanding singer IF she had formal training. But it doesn't look like she wants to go along that path. Therefore, to the person of which this message is directed to, I have one more thing to say. Don't make comments, especially rude comments, about something you obviously know nothing about. If you want to express your opinion about music, ask a musician and he/she will give you a different one. Thank you.

-- Beau Chadwell (, October 25, 1998.

I agree with the above statement. If you don't know what or who you're talking about, don't make rude comments. I've had 12 years of piano lessons and also play the cello and bass. My mother was quite a good singer who nearly drove me crazy with her constant practicing! While I cannot claim to have the same expertise in musical technique (particularly in the sense of phrasing, intonation, and timbre) as a master PERCUSSIONIST since I decided to make money instead of a hopelessly pursuing a career as a concert pianist, I can only give my uneducated opinion. Based on Winslet's singing in "Titanic", I don't feel she should give up her acting career. Of course, I realize that she might (perhaps) have been coached by Cameron not to sing too well in the movie for the sake of the character and I haven't seen her in other movies....

-- Person to whom message was directed (, October 25, 1998.

Hi. Since I am a professional vocalist (that means I make money at it, thank you), I will tell you that Ms. Winslet has a pleasant voice with potential to be a very good voice. She will never be a great voice, if for no other reason than the fact that she smokes like a freight train. In my experience, those with great voices are born with them and all training does for them is polish them and keep them from damaging their instrument. Those with good voices had to be taught. And with two exceptions (Phil Collins and Don Henley - sp?), NEVER has a friggin' DRUMMER been able to even come close to having a right to comment on vocal prowess. So that will be enough of THAT...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, October 26, 1998.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This is great!! So I have to offer MHO... I only sing in my college choir and I don't take voice lessons or anything like that but i think Kate has a nice voice. It sounds like she can sing fairly well and is NOT tone deaf but I don't think she should stop acting though...then we would be deprived of her wonderful characters.

-- Miranda Swearingen (, October 31, 1998.

Yes!!!!! I personally, think that Kate sings well. I loved her aria in HC, and bit songs in S&S, and especially Hamlet. True, if you hadn't heard Kate sing prior to Titanic, you might have thought her voice was okay. After listening to other excerpts of her singing in other movies, I am convinced that she CAN!!!

-- Erica (, November 11, 1998.

I think kate has a really amazing voice, and she sings well whenever she has a chance in all of her movies! it's bad luck she smokes, though. anyway she'll always be my favourite actress if she sings or not!

-- Amz (, July 13, 2002.

She has a single out you know, it's called "What If" You should download it if you want to know how she sounds singing an actual song.

-- Amelia Portman (, November 11, 2002.

not only is she a beautiful women- probably the most beautiful women alive! but she also has a kick-ass voice. she sang for her brother's furneral, and on the sound track for Titanic, sense and sensibility. she has amazing diction, wonderful vibrato and "clear-as-crystal" vocial quality. LOVE HER TO BITS... my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE ACTRESS. SHE KICKS SOME SERIOUS ANTI-FAT ASS!!!

-- me again... Ashley Flood (, May 02, 2003.

I think that Kate has a beautiful haunting voice Why were her vocals not included in the Sense And Sensibility soundtrack? What a waste

-- Kathleen Blinn (, June 28, 2003.

Does anyone know what song Kate was singing in Titanic?

-- Cat Kaminski (, February 06, 2004.

Iam student at NASDA which is N.Z's best performing arts school. I think Kate has an amazing voice, You DO NOT!!!! need to have training To be able to sing in tune or withna great voice.Some people have vocal couaching for years and amount to nothing in the way of a singing career because they just don't have it. But she does!!!!!!!!! And as for you fuckers that think otherwise........................................kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anastacia-mae De Joux (Anastacia, August 03, 2004.

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