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Hi All, Check it out! I converted s-mart into an info request script. If anybody is interested in any/all the changes I made to it let me know and if people are I'll document it and post it. Some of the changes I implemented (some I learned how too do here):

search query tells you no match, and tells you the keyword you used to search, and gives you the option to search again.

load graphic for "view more choices"

different headers & footers for browse pages, review pages, buy pages.

spaced out tables to make them easier to read.

stripped out all the pricing info(it's an info request system) which could also be used as a file request system)

I'm working on the "number of items in cart" display thingy.

anything else anybody thinks would be a good idea, let me know and if I have time I'll play with it. gotta feed the kids too :^)

if you want to see it in action go to: http://www.jantekcontrols.com put it through all the paces just don't actually send your order because it is a working site. The database should be finished by May 1.

Thanks for all the great info here, just thought I'd return the favor.

Marc Burnell http://www.efxweb.com

by the way, let me know what you think of the site, just keep in mind it's under development till about May 1.

-- Marc Burnell (efxweb@efxweb.com), April 26, 1998

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