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Can anyone tell me if the CSX S-Line, north of Savannah, is still double-tracked in places? I'm doing some research on the S-line and have no timetables for the area. Plus I live down here on the south end in FLA and don't get north too often. Thanks for any help. Danny Harmon, Tampa

-- Danny Harmon (, April 26, 1998


Adding to Doug's answer, the joint double track (Sou/SAL) between Fetner (Cary) and Raleigh is still in full use.

-- Craig Zeni (, May 05, 1998.

Although I haven't made a trip to Southern Pines in the past year I can tell you that all double track has been taken up north of Hamlet. Only the passing sidings at Apex, Moncure, and Southward Siding at Sanford remain dispatcher controlled. The double track between Fleet and Addor was taken up over ten years ago.

-- Doug Riddell (, April 26, 1998.

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