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Hi everyone,

I use a very hacked and customized version of the scripts for shops and info request pages I have designed and It has always worked fine on my "hosted domain" using unix, appache, and perl5.

But I just got a "virtual server" to host domains for customers which uses unix and perl5 but uses NCSA HTTPD as the server system. I installed the scripts to a new domain I just created and the shop script worked fine but the admin script kept kicking out a "500 server error" with a errornum 2 in the error-log file.

I was tinkering with the scripts trying to figure out what was going on and I noticed a difference between the two when opening the database. The Shop script called it ---example: open (FILE,"$basepath$delim$resourcedb")

but the admin script called it ---example: open (db,"$basepath$delim$resourcedb");

So I changed the admin script at the top of it from to

Here's where I changed it, from this: ----------------------------------------------------------------- open (db,"$basepath$delim$resourcedb"); &print_header;

while () { my($itemid, $name, $price, $descrip, $image, $weight, $itemurl, $group) = split(/\|/,$_);

to this: ----------------------------------------------------------------- open (FILE,"$basepath$delim$resourcedb"); &print_header;

while () { my($itemid, $name, $price, $descrip, $image, $weight, $itemurl, $group) = split(/\|/,$_); -----------------------------------------------------------------

And it WORKED!!!! when I called out the admin script it executed perfectly and I ran it through all it's paces to make sure nothing was wrong and everything worked.

Now, my question is this: What the heck did I do and why would it work one way on apache and another way on NCSA HTTPd? Is there a reason they are called out different in the two scipts?

Hopefully this will help someone else out with the same problem. I would appreciate any Gurus out there to explain this to me if you have the time.

Thanks for keeping this thread going strong,

-- Marc Burnell (, April 25, 1998

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