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Are there other Bulletin Board Forums on y2k related issues that I could connect to from here?

-- cynthia (cabeal@efn.org), April 23, 1998


Response to Other Bulletin Board Forums on y2k?Are there

Rick Cowles' Electric Utilities and Year 2000 open discussion forum:

http://www.euy2k.com and click "Open Discussion" link.

Ed Yourdon's Time Bomb 2000 forum.

http://www.yourdon.com and click "Bulletin Board" link (in right frame last I looked).

Gary North's forums (links at the bottom of the page):


OPEN FORUMS: Relocating, Securing Your Home, Small Businesses After 1999, Inventory and Barter Items, Tools and Equipment, Food and Food Storage, Nonhybrid Gardening, Home Power Generation, Amateur Radio/Communications, First Aid/Home Remedies, Launching New Forums, ARCHIVED FORUMS: 1997 to January, 1998 (some good stuff stored there),

CLOSED FORUMS: Reporters, Pastors, Physicians

The "Libertarian Self Reliance in the face of Y2K" site: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Lab/7731

They also have a "Y2K Self Reliance Forum" going there. It's young right now (June, 1998), but you may want to check it out, add to it, and keep an eye on it by adding an alert...

There's one more forum I'm aware of at the SIM site, but right now that address escapes me. If I remember, I'll fish it out and put it here. But other than those, I am currently aware of no others...


-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), April 24, 1998.

Whidbey Island Washington's y2k group:


-- cynthia (cabeal@efn.org), October 22, 1998.

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