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Here's one to work on, I set up a demo catalog TAKE A LOOK what really would make this catalog shine,is to be able to click on the model# and it would bring up just that item, I'm able to bring up all the items on page 4, by putting an hyperlink using this command: ($i&type=group&group=4)But, I haven't had any luck trying to bring up an item by its ID, only groups, Sure could use some help on this one. Thank You,Bill

-- Bill Ordiway (, April 23, 1998


Hi Bill, I figured it out, Here's what you can do: _______________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ Use this form in place of where your # and price are and just change the value=###### to show the model number of the item you want to display. now as long as your model numbers stay unique it should always work. Plus it makes a button for the customer to press for info on the product instead of text (which sometimes confuses people) good luck, by the way if this bulletin board displays this as a button instead of the text just type in this address: and view source, it is the file I created to test and run on your database. Best of luck, Marc Burnell

-- Marc Burnell (, April 25, 1998.

You can also do this as a text link by adding the following line into the url field (#7) of the database:


replace hash marks (####) with the product id number. The result is that you get a dynamically generated page with just that one item on it.

Right now I'm working on a way for the individual page to have a somewhat different appearance than the search listing (with grouped results).


-- El Brant (, June 23, 1999.

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