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I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw two "documentary" type tapes on the sinking of our favorite ship. I had never heard of either one before. One was called something like 'Titanic: the Final Chapter', the other I can't remember exactly. Both promised NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS and SPECIAL SURVIVOR INTERVIEWS. They are both pretty cheap, in the $6-10 range. Does anyone have these, and are they worth aquiring?

-- Thomas Shoebotham (cathytom@ix.netcom), April 23, 1998


I haven't seen them, but I saw an add on TV for the Discovery of the Titanic with Dr.Ballard tape and this one for $19.95. I guess they will show on the TV the first tape (or most of it) this Sunday at 5 or 7pm ET.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), April 23, 1998.

National Geographic's "Secrets of the Titanic" is a must have. You should be able to find it (Borders has it for under $15.00) rather easily. Enjoy, H.W.

-- HW (HenryWilde@aol.com), April 23, 1998.

I was in the Suncoast Motion Pictures store today, and I went bananas when I saw the selection of Titanic videos! Some I had seen, others I had never heard of. One simply called "Titanic" claimed to be the most comprehensive video on it (which I seriously doubt, though it may have been at one time). Will one of you experts please visit this store or a similar one, and give us your thoughts on those you've seen and haven't seen, what's good, what sucks, etc. This "most comprehensive" one was about $12! The ones on the shelf I had seen were the movie "A Night to Remember" (good documentary-like re-enactment), A&E's 4-tape comprehensive documentary (which I & many liked), National Geographic's "Secrets of the Titanic" (good, but kind of brief). I've seen several other documentaries on TV, so I'm only interested in people's reviews on everything available FOR SALE. Perhaps the first expert to speak should start a new thread.

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), April 26, 1998.

Sorry, I didn't "make myself perfectly clear" (couldn't resist); I have seen ANTR, Secrets of the Titanic, and the A&E set, but have not seen the ones Thomas mentioned or any of the others I saw on the shelf (including the "most comprehensive" one), and am curious about them, but don't remember the titles.

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), April 27, 1998.

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