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(The following was mailed to, April 21, 1998)

At work today I heard of the first Y2K happening from a Secretary where I work. She just renewed her Utah state drivers license a couple of weeks ago. They issued her a new license with an April 2002 expiration date. A few days ago she got a notice from her car insurance company that they had cancelled her auto insurance because her driver's license had been cancelled. She called the Utah Driver's License Bureau today and they told her her Driver's License had been cancelled because their computers did not recognize the 2002 date. They told her they could not fix this with her just calling them, so she has to go down to the DMV in person so they can reinstate her Driver's License. So I thought you would all like to know that Y2K is beginning already.

Sandra from Salt Lake City

-- Tom Skully (, April 22, 1998

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