Women v.s. men in Cambodia and Vietnam

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I am a journalism student at Western Kentucky University working on a project comparing the way men and women correspondents covered the Vietnam War, the different ways they were treated, etc. I'm looking for primary sources who remember what it was like for reporters and photographers, and can tell me if they noticed a difference. Did editors assign different stories to men than they did women? Were women correspondents taken seriously by their counterparts and by the people they covered and interviewed? Do you know how I can contact Elizabeth Becker?

I would also like to thank you and all the reporters who covered the war for risking your life, and perhaps even sanity, to bring the news to the American people. Though I wasn't around then, the legacy of every great correspondent lives on in the haunting pictures and accounts that I see now in my classes...and draws me even closer to journalism. Thanks.

-- Leigh Ann Moore (moorela@wku.edu), April 21, 1998


Leigh Ann Moore - I was a U.S. Marine Corp Combat Correspondent in South Vietnam in 1965-1966 and worked with many male and female civilian writers, editors, photographers, etc. Currently I am a writer and public affairs specialist at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. If you are still working on your project and would like info about the differences between male and female journalists, I would be happy to contribute. Please let me know. Thanks, Dan Bisher.

-- Daniel William Bisher (dan.bisher@ac.hillsdale.edu), December 02, 1998.

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