S.E. Elevator 1960 Vintage

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We are having a problem with a S.E. elevator that we have a VERY poor print for. It is pulling in LU and LD relays at different times but will not pull in ULV or DLV. The controller uses 110V DC 4 pole IBM relay. If any one can help with this PLEASE DO....we have had this elevator down for three days now.


-- J Shugart (slim2@gte.net), April 21, 1998


If you are not pulling your slowdown thru your floor relays and pulsing hcs relay,you won't drop your fast speed thus you won't get your low level. If you have some more nomenclature on the control, such as what type of call relays for the floors you have,and what type of speed relays ( FS ,HS ) I can help you further!

-- Kaz (rattle19-2@idt.net), April 27, 1998.

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