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I have been using S-Mart with non variable shipping.

When an item is purchased, the order page shows correct total cost of the purchase being made.

However, the shipping cost choosen is added AGAIN on the order confirmation page, and on the receipt emailed to the purchaser, inflating the cost of the purchase, and freaking out the customer.

Strangely, the order I recieve says the right price.

How do I fix this? Some detail is required as I am totally over my head with the Perl side of this.

Thanks in advance and all that jazz.

-- Waye Mason (, April 20, 1998


Wayne, I ran into the same problem and found this solution that was Answered by Rusty McKinley ( on February 02, 1998 worked for it is....depending on your text editor you will find the line to chanage around the 959 line mark.


I have noticed the same thing as Denny Ladwig wrote above. As a solution to the shipping being doubled in the receipt email, insert $shipamt ="0";

above if ($shipping eq '0') {# Print Nothing}

Does anyone have a solution for the tax problem that Denny described?

Answered by Rusty McKinley ( on February 02, 1998. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Rick Alionis (, April 22, 1998.

Rusty McKinley

I use your metod and it's working, but the script generate a extra option selection box that is empty, above the text that appears after the registration form is submited.

CAn you help me in this matter.


-- Manuel Tavares (, November 24, 1999.

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