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It's been exactly 4 months since "Titanic" was released on its maiden voyage on thousands of theater screens. People flooded these dark places to watch a 3 hour and 14 minutes movie about a story that was centered on a well known diasaster. It was the most expensive movie ever made and doomed to sink immediately after its release. It was predicted to never recover its costs. In fact, the production of "Titanic" swallowed more money than predicted. Its director gave up his salary in order to finish the movie. Everybody worked like crazy to get it done. But nobody knew that Brock Lovett would be so right when he said in the movie: "It's pay day, boys". But it was not on Keldysh, it only started on December 19. And it continues today. Although the movie box office is not running full speed, the money are still coming in big. By now the movie box office exceeded 550 million in North America and 950 million abroad. That makes 1.5 billion dollars in revenues worldwide. So, did "Titanik" sink as predicted? Yes, it sank in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers that could not escape from the haunting drama. From the 1912 tragedy that broke the hopes and dreams of thousands of people. Not only in America but also in France, a country where Hollywood productions are considered sometimes with suspicion. It also sank many misconceptions about the making of a movie and the reaction of movie goers. There were attempts to understand the success, yet nobody ever came with a full explanation. Teenage girls and young gay men were blamed for the unexpected success of "Titanic". Then the hype, then Leo as a heartthrob etc. Yet everyone who liked this movie has different reasons to enjoy watching it. The movie has "stuff" for everyone. It is a movie of dreams, it really is. And it's nothing wrong about it...

-- Dan Draghici (, April 19, 1998



-- Thomas M. Terashima (, May 14, 1998.

Wonderful summary, Dan.

-- Nonnie (, April 26, 1999.

actually its the music in the film...

-- mik (, April 30, 2004.

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