James Horner {earlier works}

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All you James Horner fans should check out one of his rather neglected tracks: Willow. You can find a copy at http://www.musicexpress.com/ and have it rather quickly. It's such a rare find it's worth checking out. There are so many "Titanic" sounds in this one, it's great.

-- Dave Phillips (Sonitus@USA.net), April 17, 1998


James Horner is also scoring "Deep Impact," the sci-fi film about an asteroid hitting the earth, coming out soon.

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregorio@ibm.net), May 04, 1998.

My two favourite movies of all time are Titanic and Braveheart and James Horner composed the music for both of them. I didn't think any CD would replace Titanic as my favourite, but Braveheart sure has. I get teary everytime I listen to certain tracks and I can picture parts of the movie when exact music was played.

-- Emma (foo@bar.com.au), June 22, 1998.

One of my favourite movies is Apollo 13. I watched it recently again after seeing Titanic and the music reminded me so much of Titanic so I checked and sure enough the music was by James Horner. His music really makes the emotions come alive. It's an emotional movie and like Titanic, you know how it ends but watch it if you haven't already. You won't be disapppointed.

-- Courtney (greenlane@sprint.ca), June 22, 1998.

Over the weekend I picked up a CD called "Heart of the Ocean" which contains a variety of some 13 or so movie themes composed by James Horner. Covers such movies as Braveheart, Wolfen, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Cocoon, and Titanic. These pieces do not appear to come from their original soundtracks, but are rather recordings by such groups as the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra conducted by Erich Kunzel. My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised at how good the album is.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), June 22, 1998.

Here is a James Horner Filmograohy. Tita nic is not his best work at all. It seems to be more of a combination of Legends of the Fall, The Spitfire Grill, and Braveheart, among others. Currently, there is a huge debate among movie score fans as to his originality.

-- Nikki (nplockha@valdosta.edu), August 28, 1998.

Like a moron I forgot the URL! Sorry! Here it is:


-- Nikki (nplockha@valdosta.edu), August 28, 1998.

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