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I recently found out that my grandfather started his career on the AB&A RR in circa 1917. Does anyone have any data on this RR. I understand it stood for Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railroad. I have no other data. Thanks in advance.

-- Tom Evans (the.evans@MCI2000.com), April 16, 1998


My article in Lines South, 1st quarter 1996, gives an overview of the history of the AB&A, its successor AB&C, and subsequent history after the AB&C was merged into the ACL in 1946. That issue should still be available from the Society (PO Box 325, Valrico FL 33595) for $4.75 plus 1.75 shipping.

I am completing a book on the AB&C and will try to answer any additional questions.

-- Larry Goolsby (LGoolsby@apwa.org), April 17, 1998.

Good article in TRAINS Magazine by Don Phillips included much history with photos. November 1976 issue. Mentioned (as "Western Division") in several books, including Warren Calloway & Paul Withers's ACL: The Diesel Years (Withers Publ.). There is an older ACL book, I do not own a copy of but can find more info if needed (e-mail me).

-- Jim Sapienza (sapijim@shen.neric.org), April 17, 1998.

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