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I need help with the builder dates for SAL's U30Bs in the 801-814 series. I know they were built between 1966-1967. What are each unit's month and year built?

I know these units became SCL/SBD 1705-1718, then SBD 5522-5535, and then SBD/CSX 5305-5318. Does anyone know what each unit's final paint scheme was before their retirement by CSX between 1986-1988? I know that CSX 5307, 5308, and 5316 were painted SBD when retired. 5309 and 5312 were still painted SCL. How about the other units in this series?

Is it correct that 5307, 5308, and 5316 were rebuilt by SBD in 1983 into "upgraded" U30Bs (closely resembling B30-7s - at least in their electrical cabinets)?

Any information would be very helpful.

-- Joe Walder (, April 15, 1998


Hello joe the information you now have is correct, I just bought,one from a pvt person, on one seaboard coast line U30B numbered 807,, I looked it-up, and its a true builders date, my engine is custom painted very nice model, as far as I know its Protoypically correct, I realy can't add any more to your question, try looking into and do a search under models/ road names,/ Protoypes,, good luck.

-- Robert Fish (, May 28, 1999.

I know it's been awhile since this thread started, but I have a pic of 5311 in SBD System paint, and a jpg I downloaded from somewhere with 5326 in "double SBD" paint, meaning it's in SBD System paint, yet also has SBD initials on the cab (usually only used on engines that weren't in SBD System paint). 5326 also appears to have an extra filter cut in ahead of the 2 filters that are ahead of the screening (it has the early U30B style/late U28B style screening, except the U30B has 2 filters ahead of this screening that the U28's don't have)

-- Fred Ochs (, March 26, 1999.

SAL 800-803 blt. 1/6/67; 804-805 blt. 1/10/67; 806 blt. 1/11/67; 807 blt. 1/13/67; 808 blt. 1/18/67; 809 blt. 1/19/67; 810 blt. 1/20/67; 811 blt. 1/25/67; 812-813 blt. 1/26/67; 814 blt. 1/27/67. Ser. #'s run consecutively 36121-36135.

-- Jim Sapienza (, April 16, 1998.

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