I need examples of Public Art Standards or Master Plans

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Our organization is in need of exaples or Public Art Standards or Master Plans. Including proposal information.

-- Trish Sangelo (culturalarts@ssprd.org), April 15, 1998


The Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center is a community art non-profit producing a free annual "Art of the T-shirt" exhibit series in Chicago's public libraries for the last ten years. We have re-published late Mayor Harold Washington's "Chicago Cultural Plan" on our web site.

This Plan developed by a grass-roots process in 1985 has been ignored. We invite anyone to review it and discuss its suggestions, analyze which have been acted on and which have not, and even add new suggestions to be considered. We will find a grass-roots way to decide which new suggestions are incorporated and re-present an up-dated plan to our City in the year 2000.

Visit us at http://www.luc.edu/depts/curl/prag/pragusr/umcac/home1.htm

C. Drew Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center/1630 W. Wilson/Chicago, IL 60640 We dress Chicago and the Internet in T-shirt art. Download invisible everyday people wearing T-shirts from our site to help lead the eyes of visitors around your site.

-- Chris Drew (umcac-art@luc.edu), May 24, 1998.

Call me at 408/277-3864 and I will send you several public art master plans.

-- Jerry Allen (jallen9876@AOL.com), July 31, 1998.

I don't know of any public art standards contained in a master plan, but I am most interested in knowing if you during your research compiled such as list? If so could you provide a web address if it is published on the internet or a place to acquire a written copy. Martinez Art & Library Commission.

-- Karen Bell-Patten (kpatten@netprg.com), October 17, 2003.

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