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Just a thought... if he can, maybe James wouldn't mind being the Seattle Mariners' new closer. He's already more successful than they ever will be. Okay, so I'm deviating from the normal conversation on this one. It'll be up to the guys to answer or comment, or insult the M's bullpen. But I still say Cameron could be our saviour, and after getting the final out of the 1998 World Series, you know what he'd yell at the top of his lungs. ;)

-- Dave Phillips (, April 15, 1998


Well, Cameron must be able to pitch. He managed to pitch the idea of a historical love story with a $100 budget (at the time) to not one but two studios. Titanic has been a "shut out" for 15 weeks.

I'm just not sure that Seattle has enough room for both the Cameron and the Gates egos and ultra-controlling tendendencies. Maybe if Cameron stayed on this side of the lake and Gates stayed on the eastside.

-- crystal smithwick (, April 15, 1998.

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