Where were you the first time? {When did you learn about the movie?}

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Hey guys I was just wondering Where you were when You fist saw the trailer for TITANIC or how you knew about the film comming out, and also how long have you been TITANIACS? I ask this because I wish that I could have been a TITANIAC as a kid like some of you guys out there, since I kind of knew about it some time ago but never really looked in to it. I remember whe went to see AIR FORCE 1 when we first saw the trailer for TITANIC, and let me tell you that that is all I talked about till it came out. It was kind of funny because some of my friends were saying that " I hope you're not dissapointed when you see it ". (Boy were they wrong....) So for me I guess I became a TITANIAC the first time I saw the trailer.


-- jesse fontes (jestercw@gte.net), April 15, 1998


Response to Where were you the first time?

I first heard about Titanic when I read an interview about Bill Paxton and as I've always liked him and I've always been fascinated with the tales of the ship, I just knew I had to see it when it came out. When I actually saw the trailer, you couldn't hold me back. Romance and action, my favourite combination!

-- Emma (nohave@sorry.com), April 15, 1998.

Response to Where were you the first time?

Hi Jesse: You know, that's the true beauty of this film! As I have said many times here and on other lists, it has started a whole new generation of "Titaniacs" and that is great. As for me, I am not a big movie goer because I just don't like theaters but I had to see this one, and of course, did and loved it. As for the Titanic legend itself, that goes back with me about 40 years and definitely will never go away. I first heard about the movie I think when they first started production a few years ago. All I had to hear was the name "Titanic" and it got my undivided attention!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), April 16, 1998.

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I saw a trailer, but I don't remember which film...the first I ever heard of this movie was in Entertainment magazine. They had several pictures of the film, including one of the "flying" scene. I remember thinking, "Wow, little Leo has grown up!!" and wondering who the heck this Kate person was, and why didn't they hook Leo up with a bigger name? I'm glad they picked her now. The accompanying article also said stuff that party poopers usually say about wonderful films, such as it was sure to bomb, and that these 2 young actors couldn't possibly carry a film. I LOVE it when these critics have to eat their words, don't you??

-- katherine (foo@bar.com), April 16, 1998.

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It has been 4 months. I can still remember my skepticism. The documentaries had never been seen. The books had never been read.. I had heard about the film about a year before it came out. I was skeptical, but also didn't know the director was the same one who did Aliens. At best I had neutral feelings toward Winslet and DiCaprio, having seen each only once before. I disliked "Sense & Sensibilities" (w/ Winslet), liked "Marvin's Room" (though DiCaprio had a very small role). Saw the trailer in the theater only once, probably when seeing Air Force One in July. I don't recall it showing any aspect of the love story, but could be wrong (someone please let me know if). I thought the effects looked great. As the trailers came on TV, I thought it looked really dumb. Especially silly looking was the "I'm flying" sequence. Now of course it's one of my favorite scenes of all time. I was never interested in the Titanic until Dec. 19, 1997, opening day. (I had always been a fan of ship and plane disaster movies though.) I happened to have the TV on that morning, and Joel Siegel was raving about the movie. Then I saw favorable quotes by a couple other critics. Ran out to buy tickets for the next day. That night I watched parts of 2 documentaries, and my obsession was under way. Saw the movie, went back the next day, and many times since.. So now you know, there was a BobG that had his doubts. He exists...only in my memories. I saved him..in every way a dork can be saved. Zzzzzzzzzz

-- Bob Gregorio (rgregorio@ibm.net), April 16, 1998.

Response to Where were you the first time?

Hi Bob. I believe the only point they made about the love story was " that nothing on earth could come between them ". BTW if they ever do a TITANIC play on the net you got my vote. (whe never found anything on Bob...)


-- jesse fontes (jestercw@gte.net), April 16, 1998.

Haha, thanks, Jesse. Just wanted to add that I recently realized I HAD seen Winslet in another movie before seeing Titanic, in addition to "Sense & Sensibility": "Heavenly Creatures," which was very disturbing but interesting and well acted.

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), May 03, 1998.

The first I knew of the movie was my freaky experience with the set (described in montonous detail under "the set" somewhere in this forum). I've been to see the film 11 times, and I STILL don't think I've seen a trailor in the theatre. However, when I went home for Christmas, I was watching VH1 while wrapping presents, and I swear the whole day was "Titanic Day". Celine's video played every hour on the hour, interviews, film clips, trailors, reviews, Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, Kate, Kate, Kate and LeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeoLeo...it started to get annoying because it wasn't opening day yet and I was already psyched to see it. To this day the only other trailor I've seen was the "Relive the magic...see it again" trailor they put out around the wreck's anniversary, and that was on television. Weird, huh?

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 04, 1998.

Though I've seen the movie 14 times, would you believe I've never seen Celine's video in its entirety? I hope they have the trailor on the video tape, since I saw the full-length one only once.

-- BobG (bobg@titanic.freak), August 04, 1998.

Now THAT'S bazarre...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 04, 1998.

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