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Well, here I am on the net surfing Titanic sites and remembering that an hour ago, 86 years ago, Titanic hit an iceberg. In one hour and forty minutes she will have sunk and I wanted to spend this time in cyberconnection with others who are feeling this all over the world. I'm running out of tears now, I've sat and read all the names of those who died and thought of the ones who were never identified, and I've thought of the ship itself on the bottom of the Atlantic surrounded by the bits and pieces that tell her story. I've tried to imagine the dark and the silence but I kept hearing the whispers of those who rest there. All I can do is pray.... and remember.

-- Lianne (, April 15, 1998


Response to Memorial

Hi Lianne,

I was/am thinking of the time as well, It's now 2.42pm EST and it's 1hour 20mins to go.

I've seen the movie 4 times now, and its the ending that still moves me, it's like being a witness to the tragedy, watching the ship go through its death throws, shouting at the passengers to 'get a move on!!' but not being heard, warning them of whats going to happen but not beng listened to. Like I'm the messenger of doom that should be locked up in an asylum as a scare monger.

God, it's just 1hour & 20 minutes before it goes under!! Then it's the screams, the crying and the dying and that absolution that will never come.

Ah well, at least it's over for the 1500 souls, we still have to live with it.

-- Peter Edmead (, April 15, 1998.

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