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Hi Folks: As we all approach the anniversary of the beginning of the end for the great ship, some thoughts:

1: I still, and always will, think about Walter Lord's "what if's". 2: I still, and always will, hear Ruth Becker Blanchard describing her boat rowing away from the Titanic and the hurt in her voice. 3: The other day, when Mo Vaughn of the Boston Red Sox hit a game winning grand slam home run and the heard (albeit on T.V.) the roar of the Fenway Faithful, I thought of Frankie Goldsmith and his describing that kind of sound as nearly the same as those in the water that night, but for a much different reason. 4: I think of James Cameron's "Titanic" and how it has opened up a whole new generation to the story of an immense, senseless tragedy that occurred 86 years ago and thank him for that. 5: Finally, at approximately 9:50 P.M. easten time (11:40 "Titanic time", I will sign two checks and two forms; one to the IRS, and one to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and yell "ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD!"!

Best to All! Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), April 14, 1998



Perhaps for a more realistic depiction of how it sounded in the water that night, rather than listening to the Fenway Faithful as Mo Vaughn belted his game winning grand salami, you should shift your attention 2500 miles to the west and listen to the collective agonizing screams of despair of Mariner fans as the bullpen blows another one.

-- charles springer (charles.e.springer@boeing.com), April 15, 1998.

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