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Something a little different, fellow denizens of the Shack:

1) OK, so Rose lives to be 100, dies, and seems to return to Jack in the great hereafter. So here's the question: if Rose could tell Jack three things that happened in the world between the time he left it and the time she did, what would she tell him? About Picasso and Monet and those paintings he saw? About his picture surviving? About her life and her children? What do you think?

2) Extrapolation into the real Titanic: if you could meet anyone who died on that ship on 4/15/1912 and tell them three things that have happened in the world since they passed on, who would you want to talk to and what would you want to tell them? Would you want to meet J.J. Astor and tell him of his son? Would you want to meet Thomas Andrews, or Captain Smith, or Wallace Hartley? What about Murdoch? And what would you want to tell them? (Keep in mind, this is different from the earlier threads about asking them questions--you're telling *them* something.)

Just curious to hear your thoughts. Have fun with this--it's meant in that spirit.


-- Mary Lynne Nielsen (m.nielsen@ieee.org), April 14, 1998


Response to OK, time for a game

1. I think Rose would tell Jack about her family, about his picture surviving, and about the Heart of the Ocean having been in her pocket that night and how it brought her back to the Titanic after 84 years.

2. If I could meet anyone who died the night the ship sank, it would be third class passanger Frank Goldsmith, who was the grandfather of a friend of mine. I would tell him about his son, who was very young when the ship sank, his wonderful grandson, and his great- granddchildren.

-- Melissa (mfreed@rollins.edu), April 14, 1998.

1. Rose could tell Jack:
"Let me look at you. You haven't changed a bit all these years"
"Jack, my life would have been so much easier with you"
"Jack, you changed my life forever"

2. I would like to meet the woman who died not knowing that all her children were safe in the boat. And that the best movie ever done was about this 1912 tragedy. And that her children probably had some wonderful lifes. And that we can't let go the drama even today.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), April 15, 1998.

1. I think Rose would tell Jack: That the drawing of her was found 84 years later and that's what brought her back to Titanic. That until she was married she used his last name - Dawson. And that the fire in her never burnt out, she went to that roller coaster and learned how to "ride like a man". 2. I think I would like to meet the real J. Dawson and tell him how famous his name has become 86 years after the sinking, how he is now known worldwide and that at his gravesite in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, many people are stopping by to leave flowers for him in memoriam.

-- Courtney (greenlane@sprint.ca), April 15, 1998.

If I were Rose, I would ask Jack why the heck he didn't try a little harder to get up on the damn piece of wood!! And I would apologize for not staying on the lifeboat, and not giving him my life preserver since I was fortunate to get on the damn piece of wood. And thank him for rescuing me from Ruth and Cal.

-- gk (lrc@usit.net), April 15, 1998.

I haven't answered this question before now because I wanted to think about it. Here goes:

1) Rose would tell Jack that she did all the things he asked of her: went to the Santa Monica Pier, learned to "ride like a man", had lots of babies and died "and old woman warm in her bed". She would tell him that people prefer air over water for transatlantic flight now, and she would tell him that women all over the world had their own careers, burned their bras and wore pants whenever they liked!

2) I would want to meet J.J. Astor (and his "little wifie there", from whom I get the distinct impression was a gold-digger) and tell him about a certain great-great-great-great nephew of his (whom I "met" on an anti-Titanic site). I would tell him that this kid is an archaic, sexist, closed-minded, hot-air blowing snot-box who needs to get laid in a severe way and is an embarrassment to modern day living. Hmmmm...anyone think I'm bitter? :)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), July 31, 1998.

Gilded, wifie, you kill me.

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), August 01, 1998.

I aim to please...that IS what a wife is for, is it not? :)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 01, 1998.

WOW! I don't think my wife of 27 years would quite buy that if I said it and if I did say it, I probably would be walking around saying "I didn't see that baseball bat coming blblblasksadd!

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), August 01, 1998.

Peter, I don't understand your comment. Maybe you didn't mine either. "You kill me" - as I understand the expression - means, you're hilarious. De-mystify me, please.

-- BobG (BobG@foo.com), August 01, 1998.

What's wrong, Bob? Are you Mystified????? :)

-- Misty Chacon (whatever@something.net), August 02, 1998.

Hi, Mystified. Gilded, Misty ("Mystified" as she called herself on that same site I met Emma on) is another blast from the past. But I swear, we too were only friends. In fact, she's married. So's Emma (or has a serious boyfriend). And we know married women don't cheat on their men.

-- BobG (bobg@yeehaa.yup), August 03, 1998.

Don't you think I trust you, husband? I sure hope I can, because the mental picture I associate with the name "Misty" is VERY intimidating! :)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 04, 1998.

Hee hee hee, all these women from your past popping up doesn't make you look too good BobG. ;-)

But Gilded, relax, he tells the truth. Misty and I know him from the old Mr Showbiz chat days and we are both involved with great guys already.

-- Emma (foo@bar.com.au), August 04, 1998.

Mr Showbiz? 'Splain, please...I haven't a clue as to what you're talking about...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 04, 1998.

It was a site where you could post your comments about Titanic and converse with others about it. It was more instantaneous than this, but as time went by, a lot of little kids and/or flakes dominated the conversation. Could someone please post the URL for Gilded? I don't know if it still exists.

-- BobG (rgregorio@ibm.net), August 05, 1998.

Sorry, the Mr. Showbiz Titanic review site no longer exists. Mr. Showbiz deleted all their movie review sites, probably because they all turned into chat boards.

-- Conversation-dominating flake (foo@bar.com), August 05, 1998.

No, the Mr Showbiz site did disappear a few weeks ago but then it reappeared and now it's gone again. D'oh! And I hope I'm not one of the youngsters you were describing, I am only 22 after all :-)

-- Emma (foo@bar.com.au), August 05, 1998.

No, Emma, I wasn't referring to you, but primarily Dan Dalton. I actually miss him right now. Dan, near far wherever you are, I believe that your obsession goes ooooooooon.

-- BobG (bob@bob.bob), August 08, 1998.

Someone PLEASE tell me that Dan's not a teenager. I don't think I can take it anymore...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 08, 1998.

Gilded, you have me in stitches. (Folks, in case you are unaware, that doesn't mean that I'm the victim of cyber-husband battering.) See, she and I have been chatting with someone on another site who had an incredible amount of book knowledge (and was a relative of JJAstor) but turned out to be 17. Nothing against young ones, Emma. Actually, DD is around 40, if I remember right.

-- BobG (bobg@bobg.bob), August 08, 1998.

BobG: What are you talking about? I've been here almost every day (truly pathetic)! And I know you were referring to me, that's why I posted above as "Conversation-dominating flake". Take my on-line bravado for what it's worth. GAC: I'm 36. Why would you be offended if I were a teenager? Are you one?

-- Dan Dalton (foo@bar.com), August 08, 1998.

In my defense I must say that it has been years since I read a book. I usually just wait for the movie. Then I see it over and over and over again.

-- Dan Dalton (foo@bar.com), August 08, 1998.

Dan D: I was being facetious about you being a conversation-dominating flake. Surely you must remember the "I luv Leo" type contributors? You kept my interest alive on that site! I've concluded that even though you play devil's advocate to a fault sometimes, I admire someone who has the guts to speak his mind online and doesn't pull any punches so as to be liked by others. I may pick up on that style more myself. In comparison, though, I'm probably just more diplomatic than you as a result of my upbringing. (stop puking, everyone!) (I can hear Peter Nivling barfin' up a storm) Regarding missing you, I guess I was because I didn't get any feedback from you where I wanted it. I will not be made a fool of, is this in anyway unclear.. haw haw. I love this site. I hope we all remain in touch.

-- BobG (bobg@bob.yes), August 08, 1998.

Dan...I am 28. I wouldn't necessarily be offended if you were one, but I will unabashedly admit that I don't take a liking to them. In fact, I try to avoid them at all costs. Have you ever watched a group of teenagers at the mall or the theatre or something? Ick. They all dress exactly the same and have no manners whatsoever. I know everyone says this, but I honestly don't remember acting like that in my teens. My mother would've kicked my @$$, I'm afraid!

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 08, 1998.

Oh...and BobG: though I am a strappin' lass (that's what my roommate called Rose when she pulls Jack over the seat of the Renault..I almost peed laughing), I would never "virtually beat" you. You'd never make me want to.:)

Except, maybe, when you mention divorce.>:)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), August 08, 1998.

Not all teenagers are like that! Those are the bad ones, most of us other teenagers don't like them either. But don't judge us by them!

-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 12, 1998.

And yeah, I'm super behind with that comment, but I didn't see this thread 'till today. So sue me.

-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 12, 1998.

Kat...you are an exception to ALL rules, which that 30 year-old brain you have...:)

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 13, 1998.

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