Rauschenberg- Chaos: Planned or Accidental

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On Rauschenberg-

There seems to be a multiplicity of subject matter in a single piece of Rauschenberg's artwork. Some schools of thought cling to the belief that Rauschenberg's works are meant to be interpreted as a whole, as an experience in and of itself, and that each of the subjects in one of his works represent a singular and brief thought, unrelated (in a direct sense) to the others in the work. How then, do you explain his choice of Courbet's Sleeper's and David's Napoleon Crossing the Alps in his 1990 work, Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba II? Could this, too, be perceived as "accidental"?

Please post any thoughts on the issue.

-- Will Vasquez (wolfie@rice.edu), April 09, 1998

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