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After the absorbtion of the D&S int SCL were any of the 4 Geeps painted black and yellow (like the U36Cs acquired around the same time frame) or were they painted straight into the Family Lines scheme? I have seen pictures of 556 in a combo bicentennial-SCL scheme and in FL gray, 559 in FL gray, 2558 in CSX modern, and 2557 in person in Savannah in CSX blue-gray. Also, what ever became of those U36s? Thanks for any help. I reaaly like this page, good job!

Curt Anderson

-- Curt Anderson (, April 09, 1998


D&S #2000(SBD/CSX #2556) also wore the SBD colors after the FLS paint. Also, CSX #2557 has had its' fuel tank replaced with a much larger one. This is the only one I know of retrofitted with the larger tank.

-- Russell Underwood (, November 27, 1999.

This is not really an answer but a question; was SCL GP-38-2 #557 in a former D&S scheme? To see photo, look up:



-- Andrew Callo (, July 31, 1999.

The four former D&S units were relettered to SCL in their old D&S scheme initially. The 556 was in r/w/b, and the other three were black and white. All four were repainted into Family Lines French Gray after a couple of years following the aquisition.They never received the SCL black and yellow paint scheme.

-- Warren Calloway (, July 16, 1999.

Also, all were repainted into Seaboard System colors when they were renumbered in the 7300's. 7305 was the last to go on CSX, and was painted in blue and gray CSX paint. Before it was retired, I believe it was renumbered 7281 (on top of the U30C's). I've seen pics of it with this number, in blue and gray, and obviously a U36C, and it 7305 was the last one left before this happened. As mentioned though, all were retired.

-- Fred Ochs (, April 08, 1999.

The U36C's, orig. CRR 3600-3606, "traded" to SCL were assigned #'s 2125-2131 (in SCL black/yellow/aluminum, eventually CSX 7300-7306 before all being retired.

-- Jim Sapienza (, May 15, 1998.

As far as I know none of these locomotives were ever painted SCL black & yellow.

-- Joseph Oates (, April 10, 1998.

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