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As Thomas said, Seeing is believing, but the latest news is this piece just released...

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A race to build a replica of the Titanic heated up Tuesday when a South African company said it has secured the original plans of the ill-fated ship from its British builders.

The replica would cross the Atlantic on the eve of the new millennium, using the same route taken by the luxury liner which sank in April 1912 killing 1,523 people, RMS Titanic Shipping Holdings director Sarel Gous told Reuters in an interview.

That would be two years earlier than the voyage planned by White Star Line Ltd, a Swiss-U.S. partnership looking to set sail with a rival replica to mark the 90th anniversary of the Titanic's doomed maiden voyage.

The sinking of the ocean liner inspired the Hollywood blockbuster ``Titanic,'' which won 11 Oscars last month and has become the highest grossing movie ever made.

Gous said Pretoria-based RMS Titanic signed an agreement with Harland & Wolff on March 23 and had the Titanic's original plans.

``We started with the idea about two months ago and immediately made contact with Harland & Wolff and we started with basic investigations,'' he said.

``We have a 30-day investigation period and if we decide to go ahead with it, then obviously it is a reciprocal exclusivity agreement with Harland & Wolff, who will be the sole consultants on the project.''

The original Titanic -- owned by the White Star shipping line -- was built at Harland & Wolff's Belfast shipyards.

Gous said a team of 15 engineers were already working on a model of the modern-day Titanic.

The replica -- to be built at an estimated cost of $477 million -- is set to sail for New York from Southampton, England, on the eve of the year 2000, he said.

The ship will be built in South Africa's Indian Ocean port of Durban, Gous said. ``For the next 18 months it will be 24-hour shifts on this one,'' he said.

``The harbor facilities are not capable of handling the building of the Titanic and upgrading of the harbor will cost us 107 million rand ($21.2 million), which is part of the budget.''

The ship will have the original Titanic's lavish details but will be fitted with high-tech engines, navigation and global communication facilities.

The interior will be made in the United Kingdom.

``We decided that building the Titanic in South Africa will help the local labor industry and will be a great millennium project,'' Gous said.

The ship's original plans had already been fed into a special design computer.

``We have had to take the old plans and feed them in on CAD (computer-aided design) and out of that compile plans that we can work from,'' Gous said.


-- Lianne (, April 08, 1998


This is getting laughable! The Swiss "Titanic" will supposedly be equipped with "modern equipment to detect icebergs". Apparently what they really need is modern equipment to detect other Titanics. Why not have a race? I can just envision dozens of Titanics ramming each other trying to get out of Southampton harbor to be the first to New York. I think icebergs would be the least of the worries. And a new disaster to talk about for the next 100 years, as a metaphor for OUR times, would be assured.

-- Dan Dalton (, April 09, 1998.

Even I couldn't dream up such hare-brained ideas--let the "ship of Dreams" remain just that!

-- Don King (, April 10, 1998.

When I have a free month, I'll create the CD-ROM title Duelin' Titanics(tm). Duelin' Titanics(tm) will feature a bridge simulator, engine room controls and 3D renderings of two Olympic-class ships racing each other to be the first to reach New York City.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, April 11, 1998.

Thomas, I know a pretty good banjo player who could work up a recording of "Nearer My God To Thee" for your game. Let me know if you're interested. :-)

-- Dan Dalton (, April 12, 1998.

How will you be funded? Will it look EXACTLY like the origional? Jesus Christ!!! Where are you going to go about finding the origional blueprints! I like the titanic and all but I dont see where you can find an old fassioned Boiler!!

-- Tom (, January 09, 2003.

How Much will this Cost?

-- Tom (, January 09, 2003.

They should leave the Titanic alone... It hit an Iceburg and is 2 and a half miles under the water. Now they want to make more then one and race. Well i guess both with be that far under water. Plus who knows maybe terorist will blow them up. Its going to cost to much money to build another Titanic then it will only be for the rich to be on. Hmmm Sounds familur. Sorry about the spelling...

-- Fathom (, January 09, 2003.

I think its a great idea, building the Titanic again! I for one would like to be part of its build.

-- Frank T Wichtner (, April 23, 2003.

Any homepage or link to this "RMS Titanic Shipping Holdings "?

-- Hugin Valhall (, May 09, 2003.

It is 2003 and I have never herd of such a plan. You don't even want to build it in Ireland. Why is it going to be built in South Africa? Is it still going to be built? Is it is don't call it Titanic 2 thats just cheezy!

Anyway I would like to see the Titanic rebuilt just like it was in 1912. I support your Idea and hope it comes along soon!

Matthew Dyer Gisborne New Zealand

-- Matthew Dyer (, May 25, 2003.

I think it would be quite an awesome experience to be aboard a ship identicle to the first. But for the efect it would have to be just that "identicle" down to the linens or you have wasted many a dollar and many a persons time. You also might want the first sail to be a dead ship just in case the idea really is cursed I always say it's better not to chance peoples lives when you don't have to. Good luck and I have to say I will be first in line waiting for even a glimpse of the most luxurious ship in the world next to it's cousin of course.

-- Julie Johnson (, June 08, 2003.

Without a doubt, cruising on a replica of the Titanic would be an awesome trip of nostalgia. However,one has to ask just how commercially viable a new Titanic would be. Just how much of a market is there for this ship? Today's cruise passengers are younger and want to sail on ultra-modern ships that offer wall-to-wall amenities - not nostalgia. Ships such as Royal Carribean's "Voyager" class are a prime example of the current trend in ship design that has become so popular with the cruising public. While it would be possible to outfit the new Titanic with discos, movie theaters, etc., there would still be limitations presented by her 1912 design. For instance, there's not exactly much space on deck for an outdoor swimming pool, sunbathing areas, basketball court, jogging track, etc. While it would certainly be nice to see a replica of the Titanic sailing the seas, it does not seem as though it's the most practical of ideas. Perhaps it best if we just settle for the memory of the original Titanic and not build a duplicate. The Titanic and her "Olympic" class sisters were great ships for their day. However, that day has passed.

-- Roy MacDonald (, June 08, 2003.

Dus eny one now eny more informason about the titanic ii if you do will u plz e-mail me at with all u now about it

-- Jamie mark morland (, June 30, 2003.

I go by the Bible and what they said in the movie that T.I.T.A.N.I.C. was claimed by God when she sank and in a way God is telling you the future generation to leave her in the past because if you build her once again then you will receive a modern day accident. I don't care what kind of modern equipment you say that you will put on her! The point is God found her when she sank and do you realize what damage you could bring to the families by just building the darn thing! I say let the dead rest in peace and Titanic!

-- Michael Paul Brehmer (, June 30, 2003.

I have not heard anyting on the news about the new titanic, I would of though it would of been BIG NEWS but no.I only heard about it on the radio last year (2002), since then i have been trying to find out about her.If you can send any info on her (like launch date, or maiden trip) or if you have any pictures i would be most greatfull. many thanks mr m morland (England)

-- mark morland (, June 30, 2003.

Michael Paul Brehmer you say about the ship sinking it not like me are going down and diging up the ship is it we are makeing a shit that look like the titanic build like it in fach it gona me longer so it not the titanic so we can build it. in fack if you look down my line of fammely i hade 5 people die ont he titanic i all i want is to see what they die on so in fack some people would like to see what people saw on the titanic

-- Mark White (, July 01, 2003.

I'm a 18 year old male from the U.S. and I am crazy about the Titanic. I would love to go out on an exact replica of the Titanic, no modern stuff like swimming pools and movie theaters, I would love to see an exact replica right down the the pictures on the walls, the clocks, the bedsheets, everything. It'd be awesome if someone would create this, I believe there would be tons of people in line for tickets, if anyone knows about a replica being built or one already finished, please let me know!

-- Brandon Stevenson (, September 15, 2003.

Let me know when Harland & Wolff of Belfast, N. Ireland and Titanic Shipping Holdings Ltd. of South Africa plan to build the "Titanic II"! I hope it will be in the next three years either in 2004, 2005, or atleast by 2006! I would love to cruise on "Titanic 2" on its maiden voyage! I would love to buy some Titanic 2 stock to invest in this new ship! Hopefully the Titanic II will sail the original schedule that Titanic did back in 1912 before it left for America!

It will be making history once again with the Titanic II, hopefully this time it will have a happy ending for all who sail aboard her! Take care my Titanic II friends, and keep the faith alive for this new voyage on this new Titanic ship!*

Yours Truly, Mr. Mark Benjamin Linn*


-- Mr. Mark Benjamin Linn (SarahLinnTea@Hotmail.Com), December 01, 2003.

It would be truly a tribute to build an exact replica of the Titanic.

The Titanic was a beautiful ship, the Grande Dame of her Day. I think we owe it to the original architects, desinger, and the passengers, no matter what financial prejudice they might have been in. I truly believe this would be a wonderful tribute, and an awesome sight to see. It would be an honor to sail aboard a beautiful ship, and to be able to see what "could have been " the most beautifil ship ever built. I would be the first in line to buy a ticket. I would love to dazzle in the glory, and be a part of history even though it would be the second time around. Nothing will ever completely take away the original glamour, and glizt , but what a way to pay tribute to the most beautiful ship ever, and a great tribute that put their faith into the Titanic!

-- David "Mark" Stevens (, December 02, 2003.

I life in South Africa and, only once I heard about the new olympic class liner only once on the radio. So What’s HAPPENING? (end 2003)

-- Odofad (, December 15, 2003.


1. Althooh a titanic like ship could be built who could afford to operate it.A company based on 1 ship would be in a precarious position regardless of success . Also it would probably be built by and manned by non britons further decraesing authenticty .And probobly registerd in Liberia .would any true titanic lover want to see this .

2 It strikes me that any project would be very popular at first but it wold evetualy lose its luster and than what? to those wondering what might have been . if the titanic did not sink we probobly would not know of it . her sister olympic was the star until titanic sank. she wasd the firts and looked almost exactly like titanic . but she is relativly un known . titanic wold probly have been requasitioned as at troop ship in ww1 and sunk by the germans or surviving that could have been sold to japan for scrop in the 30's and used as bombs against america. 1 last thoght . titanic was built as an copetitor for the lusitania mauritania which emphizized speed over comfort .titanic was the forberer of modern ships like voyager class.mauritania evolved into queen mary . we can only dream of what white star would have built to look at the ss canaberra also buit by H&W and close to the same tonnage or look at the justicia of 1917 it bears an uncanny resemblance to titanic. today the titanic is still with u in thec modern cruise ships in theory the theory of size and comfort over speed .in the long run the titanic won at least in spirit altogh todays monstrositys do not resmble the any one who would lik to see anew titanc .i say to look in a differnt dirction not a replica but modern ocean liner based on titani propoti and styling .i have often wonderd what a new titanic styled ship wold look like and have done many skeches of what i feel it shold look .Any one who wants tos see another titanc like ship sould look to cunard ,the actual owners of whie star line they would be the only compan with he resouces or herritage to do such an undertaking however unlike queen mary 2 titanics' 4th sister should be built by h.w.

-- MICHAEL SAVAGLIO (MSAVAGI631@AOL.COM), December 16, 2003.


-- MIKE SAVAGLIO (MSAVAGI6@AOL.COM), December 20, 2003.

Exact detail, right down to the shortage of life boats, the engines and boilers that ate 1000 tonnes of coal a day, incomplete water- tight bulkheads?

If you were going to build a replica EXACTLY like the original, i dont think any Maritime law on the planet would let it sail. Plus how would they afford the coal?

As an elier poster pointed out, had the Titanic not hit the ice and sank, she would have gone down in the next war, just like many an ocean liner did. Plus ship builders learned from the mistakes made on Titanic, and it was all included in PROGRESS, and PROGRESS should not be undone.

Merry Christmas!

-- NZN Admin (, December 25, 2003.

Am I the only one who has noticed that most of the people who are against building another Titanic cant spell very well? Does this mean that only ingnorant people are against the idea? "just a thought"

-- Ronnie Smith (, December 27, 2003.

I also have heard the rummor that a replica of the Titanic was being built but I have heard nothing concret from any news organization to confirm it. If anyone can shed some realistic light on this matter please let me know. For the record it is extreamly bad luck to name any new ship after a ship that has come down so you wouldn't see a ship named Titanic2.

Personaly I would only go on this so called ship if it was docked in port and I sure as hell would not go on any cruise by said ship.

-- Arthur Watson (, January 05, 2004.

Our company has purchased pre-listed shares in the suppose to be build Titanic based on the presentation and promises of company listing for the building of the ship. That was in 1999.

We still haven't seen any ship, company or even report on the matter from Gous.

My advise would be to be careful to get involved.

-- Chris Vermaak (, January 23, 2004.

I like watching this tug-of-war between two sides. It is all a fantasy because no business people will capitalize it, even though they should. The capitalists have no spark of vision.

I know what side I am on ... build it ! You could name it "Titanic 2" and nobody would complain. You can build it in a modern steel shipyard yet fake all the riveting and the plate seams. You would keep the reciprocating steam engine, but let the boilers be fired by oil so that it could pass pollution laws.

EXACT? Well.... as close as possible. A museum radio room would be mandatory.... so the real, modern radio room must be hidden away in a separate area. You have to make minor hull changes, etc., like the rudder had to be bigger. SIZE? It's noted that Titanic wasn't actually a big ship by today's standards. Go ahead and scale it up by a modest 5% or so (15% increase in volume) so that its just a touch more roomy. Bring its speed WAYY up, make sure it will do 40 knots or so......even if that requires creating a superior reciprocating steam engine.

IT CRACKS ME UP the way the nay-sayers always say 'bad idea' because the fact is, it would sell tickets like hotcakes, as long as the pricing is affordable by the dwindling middle class for it is they that appreciates a fine piece of machinery.... Enron, and Pat and Tammy Baker types will prefer the "Queen Elizabeth 2" of course.

-- Norm Hill (, February 13, 2004.

A Titanic replica is a good idea; but it would certainly fail safety codes. I think taking a look at re-creating the Britanic would be better, as it is a safer design with better davits and bulkheads.

-- Mike Hernandez (, February 26, 2004.

Hi, I myself thinks that the Titanic deserves a second chance to reedeem her name. After all, it was not the Ship's fault about it hitting a Iceberg and sinking. It was human error! I would love to see the Titanic sail again, and if I could, sail on her and see all of her lovely detail that went into building her. P.S. "Give the TITANIC a second chance!."

-- Roy Williams (, March 02, 2004.

i whant a picture of a big ship of people on the ship.

-- jessica ingle (, April 20, 2004.

Personaaly I think building a replica of the Tiatnic is a fantastic idea. the ship ould serve as a teaching instrument to millions of people around the world. When the great wreck is a heep of rust, the replica cruise ship would still be a reminder of what the Titanic symbolized , A great triumph of technology and an event that forever changed maritime travel and standars for safety. not to mention the millions you would make for those who would give thier eye tooth to stand on the deck of the most famous liner in history

-- michael w. riehl (, December 20, 2004.

Are they going to build a new Titanic or not? Please Someone email me thanks.

-- Jason Royalty (, January 17, 2005.

i think we should all 4get about building a new tianic because it wont be the same and will probly bring loads of pain to the survivers of the disaster and i come from BELFAST were the oringenal 1 was build i think we should leave things as they are it would cause gr8 pain 4 me and my famliy and alot of outher people .

-- jonathan dillon (, February 23, 2005.

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