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I was wondering if anyone has been able to get s-mart to give the user a message if no items are found when they type in a keyword that is not found in the database.

Ex: I someone types in the word TABLE and there is nothing with the word TABLE in it s-mart currently only shows the header & footer file and the user is left to guess that they need to click search and try again.

I would like it so that if someone types in the word TABLE (or whatever word)and it is not found there is a message that comes up saying "Sorry, try again using different keywords" or something similar.

Has anyone else been able to do this & make it work?

Thanks for any help!


-- Brad (, April 07, 1998


Read my other message on this message board... Since I had no responses I went ahead & wrote the code myself to do this....


-- Brad (, April 24, 1998.

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