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I am trying to get S-mart to quit sending the customer's credit card number to them in the e-mail receipt.

I only want it sent to my email... not theirs since it leaves them with a feeling that we are sloppy with their card number if we send it to them in unsecure email.

I know this question was asked once before but the solution was cut off in the message answer.

Thanks in advance for your help!


-- Brad (, April 07, 1998


You have to modify the order form like this:

This will send you all the information, but the customer will not get the fieldnames from the excluded line. You need to put the CC info in the sorted field in order for them to show up.

Hope this helps,


-- John Kennedy (, April 08, 1998.

There must be something wrong with this program it doesn't get all the info I put in.

Here is the part it left out (hopefully)

-- John Kennedy (, April 08, 1998.

"" ""

-- John Kennedy (, April 08, 1998.

Well it is not the above is not posting but you can view the source code of this page and see what you have posted there.


-- Rob (, April 10, 1998.

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