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Thanks to many of you for responding and especially to Wayne for the final piece of the puzzle.

Here is how to get SSL working on S-mart.

1. Forget about $secureurl in the .cfg file it does nothing but waste your time.

2. In your footer file where you have your navigation URLs is where you have the URL that takes you to the order page on th esecure server. THIS IS WHERE YOU PUT YOUR

3. Contact your ISP and tell them that you need to call a cgi program through the secure server. This is why the programs MUST BE ON THE SAME SERVER! Mine understood it and had it set up in less than 5 minutes. BTW great bunch of people-- everything you need for only $10.95 a month. Check it out.

4. Setup the command on the order.html page to read:

That's it. Again many thanks to everyone who wrote me on this. If anyone else needs any help please let me know. Thanks to Barry for such a nice program, he deserves a lot of recognition for this fine program. I have seen many others selling for over $150 that weren't this good.


-- John Kenendy (, April 07, 1998


Response to Delete button and bux fixed...


-- Patrick Chan (, April 03, 2000.

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