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I was watching TV very late last night and heard a news item about a NY company with a Swiss company who are planning to rebuild the Titanic . For cruises or something. It'll be launched in 2002. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Is it true? I have to start saving for my ticket! They said that it will look just like the Titanic but will naturally comply with modern safety regulations etc.

-- Lianne (, April 06, 1998


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I was just in a chatroom and this girl told me the same thing!! I didn't know whether to believe her or not because I wouldn't think that they would rebuild it. I came here to ask the same question, but you beat me to it. She said it was $300 a ticket, even though that seems kind of cheap for a voyage on the remake of the Titanic, and that you fly to England and then you sail back to New York. It would be nice to sail on it if this were true.

-- Jennifer (, April 06, 1998.

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Ok, I was just watching E! News Daily and the guy said the new Titanic is going to cross the Atlantic in 4 years (2002).

-- Jennifer (, April 06, 1998.

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Its true! I found this on a news website:


By LAURA ITALIANO ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Swiss-U.S. partnership plans to build a $500 million, full-size replica of the Titanic - packing it full of celebrities and retracing its maiden voyage on the tragedy's 90th anniversary, April 15, 2002.

This time, the Titanic will make it to New York, the developers promise - already replicating the first owners' boasts of the original "unsinkable" ship.

And in any case, this Titanic will have enough lifeboats, the developers add.

"It cannot sink," said Walter Navratil, president of the project's Swiss-based development company, White Star Line Ltd., named after the original Titanic's long-defunct ownership company.

Navratil insisted his new, oil-fueled steamer will safely complete a Southampton, England-to-New York round-trip maiden voyage, then continue life as a pleasure cruiser.

"It will look the same, but it will be adapted to modern regulations," he said by phone yesterday from his home in Austria.

The plan was fueled by "Titanic" movie mania both here and abroad.

"We thought now would be the right moment, because the whole world is keen on "Titanic,"' said Annette Voelcker, spokeswoman for G&E Business Consulting and Trust, the Swiss-based hotel developer that is the project's chief shareholder.

"We will have all the period decor. It will be like a voyage back in time," Voelcker said.

"Everyone has now watched the movie and read the books. People are now ready to touch the Titanic.

"It will have modern equipment to detect icebergs," she added.

The replica Titanic would cost $400 million to $500 million, the developers said.

That's a far cry from the original's $10 million cost in 1912 - although it's a much closer cry to the Titanic's movie-replica price tag of more than $100 million.

Funding will be no problem, boasts Navratil.

"All investors want two things: They want to have an exciting project, and they want to have a profit at the end of the day," he said.

"I know we can provide them both."

A spokeswoman for the project's U.S. partner, Titanic Development Corporation, based in Las Vegas, says some investors are already lined up, but many more will be needed.

The partners are hoping to meet in the next few weeks with the Titanic's original Irish shipbuilding firm - in an attempt to hire it as shipbuilder for the 882-foot craft.

A spokesman for the Belfast-based shipbuilders, Harland and Wolff, could not say yesterday whether talks are ongoing.

He did say his company still holds the original design plans for the Titanic. The plans are publicly available, including on the Internet - at $20 and up per document - to everyone from hobbyists to movie makers.

Although the company's shipbuilding is limited to oil rigs and drill ships, Harland and Wolff is currently helping another Northern Ireland company design a one-sixth scale Titanic for use as a floating conference center, said spokesman Peter Harbinson.

Only the rich and famous will be able to afford even the cheapest maiden-voyage berth on the new Titanic.

Tickets will cost from $10,000 to $100,000, Voelcker said.

"It will be for people who are rich and crazy about the Titanic," she said.

On its maiden voyage, the new Titanic will pause in the North Atlantic 560 miles off Newfoundland - the site where 1,500 passengers died in the first ship's sinking on April 15, 1912.

"I think we will take a few minutes to think of the original disaster," Voelcker said.

The developers said they copyrighted the name "R.M.S. Titanic" with the Institute for Intellectual Property in Switzerland last week.

-- Lianne (, April 06, 1998.

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P.T. Barnum lives! $500 mill for a replica TITANIC? To go cruising for $10-$100K a pop? The original was intended to ship people back and forth across the NORTH ATLANTIC as quickly as possible. Edwardian luxury aside, I think two or three days in a cramped, relatively airless cabin below decks would drive me insane! The TITANIC movie mania has gone too far-this is ridiculous!

-- Rennie Harland and Dan Wolf (, April 07, 1998.

I'll believe it when I see it.

This sort of project has been proposed before. In the mid-80s, some LA businessman got into the papers by announcing that he was planning to build three Titanic replicas, at a cost of 1.5 billion. It never materialized.

Maybe these guys are serious, but I wouldn't bet a nickle on seeing a Titanic in NY harbor at this point.

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, April 08, 1998.

This ship will probably never materialize! I also think that it is a disgrace to call it the fourth sister ship, asi read on a website, as all three ships interiors where virtually the same, but this will be nothing like it, and to call it the Titanic?! Why don't they just rebuild all three, and make identical, apart from the radrars, and modern marine technology, people would be alot more interested!

-- Jon Sneath (, September 13, 2001.

I heard the same thing in 1999 and I was really excited because I had relatives on the Titanic. Unfortunatly all the plans I heard were for around 2002 and it is currently november of 02 and nothing is being built. I have my fingers crossed for the 2012 dates mensioned but there is so much stuff that the builders would have to go through paperwork wise that I just don't know. The website I found lots of info on is

-- Bill Doling (, November 06, 2002.

This is all stupid smack that will never happen.

-- Julia R. (, March 14, 2003.

Well, I still hope for it.

-- Hans Schmemmbo (, March 16, 2003.

Even though I have seen the movie i really don't think that someone can build the titanic again. It was one time a marvel but now if someone rebuilt it, it would be a disgrace to the people that were aboard the titanic, because literally no one and nothing can build the largest ship in the world........again!

-- Teresa Albrecht (, April 05, 2003.

they built the titanic in 2002 but renamed it after a huge law thing saying it was taking the mick after all those that died. the judry rueled that no-one can ever name a ship titanic as it is inhuman.

-- karl dugan (, April 14, 2003.

sos all about the spelling in a rush send me an e-mail if ya wanna no more about what happened

-- karl dugan (, April 14, 2003.

is there anyone out there that loves titanic as much as me????

-- karl dugan (, April 20, 2003.

They built the Titanic in 2002? I don't think so . . .

-- John (, April 21, 2003.

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it's 2003 and I haven't heard anything about it there wasn't any news on it for about a year or two... but I really want to go on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- andrea (, April 25, 2003.

Its been built in BRAKPAN , its believed to not too SINK scientist at SAB ( south african brewies ) have proven this to be true as it is been built on KLIFDRIFT however if this version does sink , we will guarantee that there will be alot of survivors as they will be intoxicated by the lovely brandy KLIFDRIFT and COLA.

-- vicki (, June 25, 2003.




-- DARREN (WILDCHILD_187@HOTMAIL.COM), August 13, 2003.

Yes. There is a new TITANIC. Ive seen it myself. It cost's $500 dollars for a ticket. I is leaving SouthHampton tomorrow morning. And we are going to see if it will make it to N.Y. and back to were it came from. The new TITANIC is heavier than the other one. I have seen the old TITANIC my self. The old TITANIC should be left in peice.

-- Derek McCoy (, August 18, 2003.

I would love to have the experience to be on that ship. Just for that moment to go back in time and know what life was like. It doesn't have to run the same as the TITANIC itself. I don't think anyone would want to try and replace it. But to rebuilt a replica for the same reasons that we have exhibits of the TITANIC. Or for the same reasons we have a statue of our late president. Something to remember them by. Almost like a memorial on the water. It's part of history. And it was a tragity. So was 9/11. If a park was built over were the TWIN TOWERS once stood, will no one go in it? Will no one enjoy the trees and the grass at least for name sake? How silly to deprive yourself.

-- Niel Davila (, August 19, 2003.

Although I would be one of the first to run and buy my ticket, this will never happen. It's been talked about and mentioned for what, 4 years now, and still no Titanic!! It's simply a matter of the times and cost. The Titanic was built with a purpose. It was luxury transportation for the rich, and a new opportunity for the poor. With modern technology today, the replica would never come close to what the original Titanic stood for. For instance, in 1912, Titanic was powered by coal. Today, coal fueling is considered inefficient, unhealthy, and illegal. Therefore, in order for the replica to be constructed, the original design will have to be altered in order to incorporate a different fueling system. Furthermore, elimination of the coal burning fuel system will eliminate the need for the four smokestacks. Hence, the replica's smokestacks will all have to be dummies, and, shamefully, will not emit smoke. Also, the original Titanic, had no Air Conditioning in it's cabins, no bathrooms. Basically there are so many changes that would have to be made in order to accomodate todays way of travel, that a true Replica is out of the question. Why spend millions on a ship that only looks like the original Titanic from a far? I think it defeats the purpose, and disrespects the lives of so many who lost their lives back years ago.

-- Myrlenis (, August 19, 2003.

Well, my thought is that Titanic should be rebuilt WITH ALL modern accomidations, not for a memorial for the old Titanic, but a new experience for people to see what it was like to live back then. It should have early 1900's styling, including Smoke stacks generating smoke (steam) to make it authentic, but with modern day fuel. The reason? How many people would like to sail a new Titanic but with a lot more safty? I would!!!

-- Richard T G. (, August 29, 2003.

I had heard the same think on the Discovery Channel a few years ago. I even tried to contact them about it because they never mentioned the name of the cruise line or the developers. They were not able to provide any further info. One thing that is for shore, it will be a transatlantic crossing for the "have's" and not the "havenot's"! I'm sure it will be a star studded, big wig event much like the true crossing! I'm sure they'll also recover their costs very quickly. If it ever does happen!

-- George (, September 26, 2003.

When will the Titanic be here

-- Darren Fawke (, October 03, 2003.

All true. I bought the popular mach. mag with a pic of the TITANIC II on the cover and a great artical. You should look for it. Thanks

-- Jim Park (BERTHA.PARKS@NF.SYMPATICO.CA), October 13, 2003.

For those who think the ship will have to meet up with todays modern safety standards the only think that will change is the amount of life boats as in 1912 and still today the Titanic flattened all safety regulations and broke into a new era of safety standards.

-- karl dugan (, November 08, 2003.

I was wondering is that the only time it will sail?

-- andres hernandez (, December 13, 2003.

I saw that they built a Queen Mary 2. It's maiden voyage will be this year. I think that they re-named it that, instead of Titanic. It suits it well! It's supposedly the biggest cruise ship to set sail. It's named after a ship that made a remarkable career for it's self. And it has it's own ghosts too. I'd buy a ticket for that, if I could ever afford it.

-- marie (, January 23, 2004.

I didn't believe until i read i on the net. It's surpose to bad luck to name a ship after a ship that has already sank.One day when i have got a job,i will one day go one the most expensive and grandest ship ever built in man time. I would like to go the next Titanic,but it would take me years and years to save up. Nothing can go wrong because they have more technoly and now they will say the Titanic can sink after what in 1912. I have told my mum if i can go on the NEW titanic but she said it's to much money and if u want to go the others will want to go. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.

-- Jessica markham (, January 25, 2004.



is it true that the white star line is building the TITANIC2. iv heard that titanic2 will set sail on april 10.2012 iwas thinking about buying a ticket to the titanic2. will be any safer thain the last one

-- Arlynn Hughes (, March 25, 2004.

The next titanic ship should be an exact replica of the original, only with mordernized safety standards and modern-day technolgy. I would be impressed if the maiden voyage for the next titanic would set sail this decade!

-- Zack Haskins (, March 26, 2004.

I'm only 13 but when I am older I want to study the plans of titanic and even if it takes me my whole entire life I want to rebuild the Titanic. Every nook and cranny to be the same, Ever aspect of it would be exactly like the real thing. The weight, Height ,Size. The same types of wood, living quarters. Same uniforms for the crew, Same type of paint. Every last detail, ( food, room suze, coal amounts, w ater closets.) That is my dream. I'm young and most people think it would be chasing a dream but its not a dream and I'm just crazy enough to do it.

-- Kayla Altman (, March 28, 2004.

1,500 people died on that ship some 92 years ago. for them to rebuild a ship and name it titanic is very disrespectfull to people. like thomas Andrews and others who devoted there last hour to saving people. No kind of modern inprovements or money could ever get me on that boat. i think they should leave that boat alone and find some thing else to do

-- Modou Ndow (Remo10@AOL.COM), April 21, 2004.

Sorry people but there will be no do i know i have recently been employed by the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company ltd. the real owners of the Titanic (we only ever became white star line because of the flag.) we have unfortunatley gone bankrupt and we were bought by Cunard who later on dismissed the final owners of White Star Line. we have since then tried to inform others but seeing as you are all such big fans it is hard getting around to all of the web sites...i hope this helps you and soory for any upsets...but maybe one of you will be able to build a similar ship to the Titanic...thnaks P.S we are only just beginning to rebuild the company so there is no chance of another Titanic coming from White Star Line this century.

-- Karl dugan (, May 02, 2004.

Bueno, entonces hay o no hay Titanic al final?

Well, them,there is or not a new Titanic at the end?

-- Pedro Sánchez (, August 06, 2004.

yea, it wud be disrespectful for thows who dies to call the new ship titanic, or bretanic, or gigantic, anything liek that

but it would be so coll to walk alone that great ship wouldnt it,...

id love to, thow id be scaird, coz i mean,,,,titanit sunk, bratanic sunk, olimpic...think it sunk and ther is a new ship, even biger,,,was in the paper "neve rmind titanic, heres the giganitc, the grand princess",...even that mighty ship took a beatin, hit a tanker or sumthing,

so id be scaird to go over the atlantic,

the closet iv been to the ship, is in the titanic museum in america, realy got to me, deep deep down, and u stand sort of on her deck and look at the stairs, and its cold,

or if they remade her, but it was just a floatin museum, just to tlak about on,

if they re made her, ...she wudnt need al them funnals, they wud hav to be fake, and no way, wud she be alowd al that wood i herd the shipin regulations wer well out of date wen titanic sailed,

thow they cud make al that wood, but hav it made from something else, i kinda hope they do re make that wonderful ship,

but it wud never be the same,,,,...

-- martin james day (, January 10, 2005.

All I have to say is that I am 68 years old male whom is part of the late ship, and she had a crew member named Fredric Marsh which is his job with other men by keeping her alive by stoking all the furnaces going with the coal. Titanic had 5600 tons of coal, and most of it went with her when she died! Fredric Marsh was my forth cousin on my grandfather side of the family. He was intermed in the Titanic cemetery at Halifax, Nova Scotia.On each grave stone has the names, date and the grave stone number. Also my grandparents had friend whom was on a business trip, and heard about the ship. He was around 25 years old, like my grandparents ages were about the same. He got home and around the first of the month of and when he got settle down he went to see my grandparents, and they did not know him, but his voice they know. He told his story of all he went through, he even told how the ship was broken in half between the third and forth funnel. My grandparents could not believe how much a person body can change so much like his did, looking like a person in his 70's or 80's, and yet he was about 26 years old! He was a first class passenger, and his name was Steven V. Silverthorne.

-- Aldon L. Marsh (, February 26, 2005.

My second Response:: I say YES to rebuild the Titanic II! But, build her to be on LAND with fake wave water around her, but a ramp going up to her with a small reception building down below with Titanic gifts and also tickets for sale to get on her to see what it is like to be on her back in April 10, 1912, with sounds of people, the band playing and with crew walking around, also the helmsman, first and secound oficer, plus captain Edward Smith in the wheel house. Also have an employee walk visitors through the ship from A Deck down to G deck. Show them all the rooms, the famous stair case with the wall clock on the wall half way down center of the stair case.Also walk out side on the wooden deck to see how it was with life boats and furniture on deck.With the money taken in can be used for the suport of the ship.Other wise a life size ship model for the people to see. Or a museum for the public to see.

-- Aldon L. Marsh (, February 26, 2005.

Yes that sounds lovely, but you want it to sail. 100 years in 2012 and will any one get off their butt to build it. The simple answer is NO. Everyone would like to see it built, after all it is made of steel. 500 million dollars. 500 million people paying $1. Makes you think. Interesting that Cunard brought out White Star Line in the 1930's, full circle again.

I personaly would like to see it built before 2012. You will need someone like Donald Trump, Bill Gates or Sir Richard to help out.

Everyone wants but nobody wants to give. Take the ball and run with it.

-- Beau (, March 14, 2005.

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