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Does anybody know how they did Kate Winslet's (Rose's) hairdos in Titanic? I really like the way they put her hair up and the way it is braided in one of the scenes. If anybdody knows, please answer me here. Thank you!!

-- Jennifer (sdebesa@worldbank.org), April 06, 1998


Now, I can tell you how they did Kate's hair, but I'm not sure you'll want to try it. She was in a lot of pain when they did this. Her hair as you first see it is twisted loosely in a bun, held with a clip, and tucked under to create quite a lovely look. My favorite hair style, the one at the first class dinner, is actually quite simple. First of all, it was wet. (To make it easier to work with.) Then, her hair was put up on top off her head with a hidden clip. Of course, her hair is quite extrodinary, and it sort of curled out. The finnishing touch was a gold headband. Kate's hair looked good however it was put it up, but she liked it down. Hope this helps. You might need to see a hairdresser, though.

-- Karry Strider (dcfarms@clear.com), April 13, 1998.

Hi Ya Well question is related to Rose, but Its more of a question on my behalf. Well I'm in England, and I have a really important dinner and dance coming up. I thought that the perfect dresse would be Roses red jump dress, but I don't know where to get it. could anyone help me ?

-- Shirin Chowdhury (Shirin31@hotmail.com), October 03, 1998.

Shirin, There are several places on the web that offer the dress but it's rather expesive. Try this link...the person who did these dresses said she would NOT do these again but she does give some names of several other seamstresses who are willing to make the dresses:) www.sensibility.com/titanic.htm Good Luck! Miranda

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), October 04, 1998.

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