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I got four responses to my last question in under 24 hours. Now I think S-Mart is great, but there are lots of querks and undocumented thangs that hang you up if you can't write PERL yourself. I am guessing that many many of the people posting are people who, like myself, are very computer literate, do there own web pages, know a very little bit about programming, and can't read/write Perl. But the growing S-Mart community is just that, growing, and supportive, and there are plenty of folks who want to help...

So I will take it on myself to suggest an FAQ that I am willing to administer....

To start I am looking for people to post the one or two things that really hung them up and that they came up with the solution for. So post away if you have a solution!

Things I already have cased - $secureurl doesn't actually do anything, and how to secure on a server with built in SSL.

THings I think need input -

Anyone get it running on NT? How?

Anyone get it talking to a secure order form on a seperate physical machine? How?

I am sure you can come up with others...

Post away! I will compile a rough FAQ and post it here again, and you can all take shots at it and we will fix it again...

-- Waye Mason (, April 06, 1998


I know that Barry got it running for me on an NT server. I'm not sure how exactly he did it though. I couldn't get it to work myself. It worked fine on the NT server with the exception of people using AOL browsers trying to access the s-mart shopping cart. There was some problem with aol's proxies that would not allow it.

So, in short, there IS a way to get it to work on NT (I'm just not sure how), but people using AOL won't be able to use it.

I ended up switching to a UNIX based server instead of the NT and everything works great for me now. Seems to be a lot more compatible.

-- Brad (, April 07, 1998.

Is there anyone that a person can call and talk to over the phone in order to solve any problems they might have? Sure could use some help. Thank you, Bill

-- Bill Ordiway (, April 13, 1998.

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