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DeGeneres, Cameron to Guest Star on Mad About You Finale

Ellen DeGeneres is set to guest star as Jamie and Paul Buchman's nanny in the May 19 season finale of NBC's Mad About You, Variety reports. Mad exec producer Vic Levin has suggested that there is a good chance that DeGeneres will appear in several more episodes of the Paul Reiser-Helen Hunt comedy in the future: "We love having her here, and we'd be happy to get her back next season." And good thing. DeGeneres' own sitcom, ABC's Ellen, faces an uncertain future, as network head honchos have yet to announce whether the series will be renewed for the upcoming season. DeGeneres and Ellen exec producer Tim Doyle have been shopping the struggling series around to other broadcast and cable outfits in the hope of finding a safe harbor should ABC cancel it. Speaking of safe harbors, Oscar-decorated Titanic director James Cameron will also appear in the season finisher of Mad About You, playing none other than himself.

-- Dan Draghici (, April 04, 1998

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