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If anyone has or gets a copy of the 1994 book written by John Eaton and Charles Haas, "Titanic Triumph and Tragedy. A Cronicle in Words and Pictures," Patrick Stephens Ltd, second edition 1994, I would like to know some background about a third class passenger that died on Titanic. His name is STEFAN TURCIN and I suspect he was the only (recognizable by name) Romanian on the ship (I am from Romania myself). The book should give some info about nationality, last address and even hometown. Could anyone give me some help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! In return I will keep posting here updates on "Titanic" and its daily box office.

-- Dan Draghici (, April 03, 1998


Dear Dan, I found your massage on web. I do not know how old your massage is, but if you still need information about Stefan Turcin, who died on Titanic, I can give you some. I have to disapoint you, but he was not Romanian. He was mz relativ and he was from Croatia. He was 36, he had a family, but he traveled alone. He was from the vilage in Croatia, named Donja Batina. Greetings, Kristina Turcin

-- Kristina Turcin (, July 05, 2003.

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