Diagnostic Tester for Otis Hydraulic Microprocessor

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I'm on a crew that recently assumed maintenance of four United Technologies (Otis) three floor hydraulic elevators (as well as some Dover DMC-1 units). We've bought the dignostic tester for the Dover units and it's helpful...but we haven't got a diagnostic tester for the Otis units. Is it worthwhile buying one? Where can we buy it? Is it as easy to use as the Dover unit?

The elevator is component vintage RAAA20390E, type 3515, built in 1990 and covered on print set 8 2S/F7900AR. The in-car controller is an A386CAC3, vintage 7155AD.


-- M. Scott (mscott01@apsc.com), April 02, 1998


I've worked for Otis for many years and there is no such diagnostic tool that we ever used on an lrv3 or 4. There is new software out that has diagnostics in it but Otis will never give it up. Good luck on repairing them, we just swap parts most of the time to fix them. It's not too hard.

-- Joe Kline (klinejoe@hotmail.com), April 04, 1998.


Make the mechanic swap..swap ..swap..it's a pain in the ass but usually works.

-- Joe (JMclo30547@aol.com), July 23, 1998.

there is a company in england which will hire you a test tool base on the otis test tool but will only read data only, and not allow you to change paramiters, but I've can't remember the name, I will try and find out

-- englishbeds.com (itsallthesame@freeserve.co.uk), March 09, 2001.

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