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Is it possible to set up multiple shops on one server? It can't possibly be as simple as changing the store name in the cgi script can it?

Thanks in advance. John

-- John Aikin (, April 02, 1998


Yes... It is possible to run two stores on the same server. We are doing it on our site. Go to and go to the online store area. It will give you the choice of either "new" or "used" store.

Basically for the new store I have all of the files (the database, cgi, cfg, etc.) in a directory called /cgi-bin/S-Mart... I have my link call this script when someone clicks on the "new" button.

For the used store I put all of the same files (cgi, etc.) in a different directory. I changed the .cfg file so that it says the right url for this store and of course the database items. I have this stuff in a directory called /cgi-bin/usmart.

So, just have an entrance screen that allows people to choose which store then have it link to whichever one you want.

My one link is: http://(yoururl)/cgi-bin/S-Mart/smart.cgi

and the other one is

http://(yoururl)/cgi-bin/usmart (or whatever)/smart.cgi

Hope this helps!

-- Brad (, April 06, 1998.

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